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Brighton Belle by Sara Sheridan, the first Mirabelle Bevan Mystery published by Polygon
1951, Brighton. World War II is over, the Nazis brought to justice, rationing still in force. Mirabelle Bevan, a former backroom girl for the Secret Service, takes a job as a secretary at a debt collection agency in Brighton. Find out more at
Hear Tom Pow and Linda McDonald, founder of the MUMs charity, talking about the book here:
When The Rains Come tells the story of three children who must be looked after by their grandmother, while embedding within that real life story, a folk tale from Malawi. The folk tale was told to Tom Pow as he was being driven to one of the villages where the MUMs charity (Malawi Underprivileged Mothers) is involved. Find out more at
Bob Servant Independent. Official Trailer.
The first episode of Bob Servant Independent, will be broadcast on Wednesday 23 January at 10pm on BBC Four and Friday 25 January at 10pm on BBC Two. Bob Servant, Independent, starring Brian Cox.
So Much Wind by Struan Stevenson
This book seeks to evaluate the Scottish Government’s obsession with renewable energy, while at the same time looking at alternative sources of power that may prevent the lights going out across Scotland.
Bob Servant Independent. Hero of Dundee, comes to BBC4! Starring the anti-hero of spam, Bob Servant played by Brian Cox.
A sneak preview of Bob Servant Independent. Bob Servant Independent, a six part comedy for BBC4 written by Neil Forsyth and starring Brian Cox (Bob), Jonathan Watson (Frank) and lots of other funny people.