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Alastair McIntosh: Poachers Pilgrimage

Alastair McIntosh: Poachers Pilgrimage
09 August 2017
Alastair McIntosh is an independent writer, broadcaster, speaker and activist who is involved in a wide range of contemporary issues,
from land reform, globalization and nonviolence to psychology, spirituality and ecology.
The islands of the Outer Hebrides are home to some of the most remote and spectacular scenery in the world. They host an astonishing
range of mysterious structures – stone circles, beehive dwellings, holy wells and ’temples’ from the Celtic era. Over a twelve-day pilgrimage,
often in appalling conditions, Alastair McIntosh returns to the islands of his childhood and explores the meaning of these places. Traversing
moors and mountains, struggling through torrential rivers, he walks from the most southerly tip of Harris to the northerly Butt of Lewis. The
book is a walk through space and time, across a physical landscape and into a spiritual one. As he battled with his own ability to endure
some of the toughest terrain in Britain, he met with the healing power of the land and its communities. This is a moving book, a powerful
reflection not simply of this extraordinary place and its people met along the way, but of imaginative hope for humankind.
Date: 9th August 2017
Time: 4;30pm 
Venue: St Andrews and St George's Church 
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