A new episode of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Scottish Literature available now

Podcast Logo1Kristian and I are ready to share the second episode of our new podcast A Hitch-hiker’s Guide to Scottish Literature, which we’re making each month this year as part of Birlinn’s 25th anniversary year celebrations.

In this episode we talk about Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain. It feels like Nan Shepherd has been a bit of a cult classic for too long, and with her addition to the Royal Bank of Scotland five pound note, as well as beautiful new editions of her work now making its way into bookshops, she is having a much-deserved resurgence. And The Living Mountain is such a beautiful book: generous, sensuous, curious and written with such brilliant clarity. It’s been a joy to discover her!

Getting HigherStaying in the Cairngorms, we also talk to our author, Patrick Baker, about his book The Cairngorms: A Secret History. This book shares many marvellous stories about hidden places, investigates the truth behind the folklore and local myths of the range, and celebrates its wild landscape. And, as an extra treat, we have the wonderful Andrew Greig performing two of his mountaineering poems from his collection, Getting Higher. It’s like we’re bringing the outdoors indoors!

So, please, have a listen in the comfort of your living room while the wind rattles your windows. And if you need any more inspiration for getting into the mountains, below are some more reading suggestions from the Birlinn backlist.

Vikki Reilly

You can listen to this episode below on Soundcloud, or on iTunes.

The Cairngorms: A Secret History
Getting Higher
Wild Voices
The West Highland Way
Set in Stone
Journeys in the Wilderness

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