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Farewell, Edinburgh International Book Festival

We bid a fond, rather tired, farewell to the Edinburgh International Book Festival for another year …

The leaves are turning and starting to fall; the crowds of tourists are packing up their suitcases or rucksacks; and Charlotte Square has reverted back to its normal status of private garden.

The festival is over for another year. And what a great few weeks it was. We had twenty-nine events this year! Twenty-nine! The events covered everything: from poetry to politics, historical fiction to economics, and haggis to music.

August started with an event that celebrated the long awaited publication of Volume 1 of the Scottish Life & Society series, and ended with a rather bawdy night in the Guardian Spiegel tent with King Creosote (advocating the use of coke-a-cola and red wine) and James Yorkston, both of whom where there to help celebrate the publication of Songs in the Key of Fife with its author Vic Galloway.

Tomorrow we will tell you all about it, but for now here’s Sara Sheridan talking about Edinburgh International Book Festival, her local fête of imagination:

Thirty years of the Edinburgh International Book Festival: Infographic + Win Tickets!

The Edinburgh International Book Festival is taking place from August 10th to August 26th and we are very, very excited, as this is the 30th anniversary of the world’s favourite book festival.

On our Facebook page we are currently running a prize draw for tickets to see Alexander McCall Smith on the 14th of August or Liz Lochhead on the 19th of August. Go over there and win!

We proudly present: 30 years of the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the infographic! If you like it, please share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. Thank you!

30 years of the Edinburgh Book Festival Birlinn