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  • John Sadler
    John Sadler

    John Sadler’s main specialism is in military history, as an accomplished author, lecturer, battlefield tour guide, heritage professional and historical interpreter. Formerly a lawyer for nearly thirty years, he is a visiting lecturer at the University of Sunderland Centre For Lifelong

  • Saki (H.H. Munro)
    Saki (H.H. Munro)

    Saki (H.H. Munro) (1870–1916) was the author of numerous short stories, often humorous and macabre, and full of eccentric wit and unconventional situations. His best known collections include Reginald (1904) and The Chronicles of Clovis (1911). He also wrote the novel The Unbearable

  • Samuel Tongue & Lesley Morrison (ed)
    Samuel Tongue & Lesley Morrison (ed)

    Samuel Tongue is Project Co-ordinator at the Scottish Poetry Library. His first pamphlet is Hauling-Out (Eyewear, 2016) and his second, stitch, is forthcoming with Tapsalteerie. He has published poems in numerous anthologies and magazines including And Other Poems , Cordite , Gutter , Ink

  • Mohammad Sarwar
    Mohammad Sarwar

    Mohammad Sarwar is a Pakistani and former Scottish politician who served as Governor of Punjab, from 2 August 2013 until his resignation on 29 January 2015.

  • Alastair Scott
    Alastair Scott

    Alastair Scott was born in Edinburgh in 1954. He now lives with his wife, Sheena, on Skye (with occasional bouts of vagrancy), working as a photographer, writer and broadcaster.

  • Katie Scott (illustrator)
    Katie Scott (illustrator)

    Katie Scott is the illustrator of Botanicum , and of the best-selling Animalium , which was chosen as the Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Year, 2014. She studied illustration at the University of Brighton and is inspired by the elaborate paintings of Ernst Haeckel. The

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    Michael Scott is a writer, photographer, consultant, cruise ship lecturer and occasional radio broadcaster on a wide range of natural history subjects. He has a degree in botany, and a particular interest in Scottish, arctic and alpine wild flowers. He also shares an interest in Scottish sea life

  • P.H. Scott
    P.H. Scott

    P.H. Scott is a former diplomat who has written extensively on Scottish literature, history and politics, and who has made a special study of the Union question, both in its origins and its consequences.

  • Sebastian Abbot
    Sebastian Abbot

    Sebastian Abbot worked for the Associated Press in Cairo and Islamabad, where he was bureau chief. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Princeton University and a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He lives in New York.

  • Jan-Philipp Sendker
    Jan-Philipp Sendker

    Jan-Philipp Sendker lives in Berlin with his family. He was the American correspondent for Stern from 1990 to 1995, and its Asian correspondent from 1995 to 1999. The Art of Hearing Heartbeats , his first novel, was an international bestseller, and he’s the author of A Well- Tempered

  • Bob Servant with Neil Forsyth
    Bob Servant with Neil Forsyth

    Bob Servant is a sixty-four-year-old, semi-retired resident of Dundee. He has previously worked as a merchant sailor and window cleaner, among other occupations, but now describes himself as ‘an unemployed gigolo’. Neil Forsyth is an author and journalist. A fellow Dundonian and friend

  • George Seton
    George Seton

    George Seton visited St Kilda in the summer of 1876 and wrote his account immediately afterwards. He brilliantly summarises previous material about the islands, surveys local incidents from the beginning of the seventeenth century, and provides a wealth of information about the daily life and

  • Jessie Sheeler and Robin Gillanders
    Jessie Sheeler and Robin Gillanders

    Jessie Sheeler was brought up in Edinburgh and read Classics at Edinburgh University. In the early 1960s, working with Ian Hamilton Finlay, she co-founded the Wild Hawthorn Press and its poetry magazine Poor. Old. Tired. Horse . Robin Gillanders taught Photography at Edinburgh Napier

  • Sheena Kalayil
    Sheena Kalayil

    Sheena Kalayil was born in Zambia in 1970 where her parents were teachers seconded from Kerala, India. She arrived in the UK aged eighteen and, after graduating, worked all over the world. She has a doctorate in Linguistics and teaches at the University of Manchester. She lives near Manchester

  • Robbie Shepherd
    Robbie Shepherd

    Born: 1936 in Dunecht First Book: A Dash O’ Doric: The Wit and Wisdom of the North-east (Canongate, 1995) Awards: MBE for services to Scottish Music and Culture; Hamish Henderson award for traditional music; M.Univ from Aberdeen University for services to Scottish culture. Robbie

  • Ann Shukman
    Ann Shukman

    Ann Shukman graduated in Modern Languages from Cambridge and gained a doctorate in Russian Literary theory from Oxford. Her lifelong interests have been Russia and the Christian church. She was one of the first women ordained in the Church of England, in 1994. At various times of her life she has

  • Jake Simons
    Jake Simons

    Jake Simons is a novelist, journalist and graphic artist. Also published as Jake Wallis Simons , his acclaimed first novel,  The Exiled Times of a Tibetan Jew , was named by the Independent on Sunday as a Book of the Year and his second, The English German Girl ,

  • Grant Simpson
    Grant Simpson

    Dr Grant Simpson , the Honorary Reader of Scottish History at the University of Aberdeen, has provided a detailed transcript and commentary of facsimile texts, surveying the historical background of handwriting usage with emphasis on the changing fashions. This work is a brilliant aid to assist

  • Andrew Sinclair
    Andrew Sinclair

    Andrew Sinclair , a direct descendant of Prince Henry St Clair, is a leading novelist, historian and film-maker and lives in London. He did graduate work at Harvard and Columbia before teaching at Cambridge and London. His books include biographies of Jack London, Warren Harding and Che Guevara.

  • Gary Smailes Illustrated by Scoular Anderson
    Gary Smailes Illustrated by Scoular Anderson

    Gary Smailes studied for a master’s degree in Military History before working as a researcher with Horrible Histories writer Terry Deary. He has written eight books on Modern Heroes for Waverley Books and four books about world-famous battles for Franklin Watts. As well as writing, Gary also

  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith

    Alexander Smith was born in Kilmarnock on the last day of 1829. After a basic education he followed his father's trade as a lace pattern designer, spending his leisure hours writing poetry. At first successful as a writer, he left his trade and became Secretary of Edinburgh University, but his

  • Calum Smith
    Calum Smith

    Calum Smith wrote a regular column in the Stornoway Gazette, served on the Stornoway Town Council as Dean of Guild and Senior Baillie and was on the Stornoway Trust, administrating the Stornoway Estate. He was also chairman of the Western Isles Labour party.

  • Jess Smith
    Jess Smith

    Jess Smith lives in historical Glenturret, Perthshire. Her inspiration flows from the ghostly waterfalls, hills and mountains surrounding her countryside home. She comes from a long line of Travelling people and writes exclusively about her early years as a misty wanderer. Jess is also heavily

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith

    Michael Smith was a political and business journalist for over thirty years with The Guardian, The Observer and the Evening Standard , and his contributed to numerous TV and radio documentaries. He has written two other books on polar exploration: ¬ An Unsung Hero , a biography of the Irish

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith

    Paul Smith’s love affair with football began two-and-a-half decades ago, and he has maintained the link with the beautiful game by a career in journalism as the former sports news editor for the Press and Journal . He launched his career a decade ago with DC Thomson in Dundee, working on

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith

    Robert Smith was the campaigning journalist and author who, as longest-serving editor of the Evening Express in Aberdeen, led on issues that affected his native city, notably on oil.  Beginning as a copy boy at the age of fifteen, Robert began his editorial training with DC Thomson, moving

  • Roger Smith
    Roger Smith

    Roger Smith is an experienced walker and writer. He was the editor of the walkers’ magazine The Great Outdoors for nine years and has written more than a dozen books on outdoor pursuits. He is the author of The Southern Upland Way , a number of walking guides in the 25 Walks series by

  • Christopher Smout and Mairi Stewart
    Christopher Smout and Mairi Stewart

    Christopher Smout is Historiographer Royal in Scotland and Emeritus Professor of Scottish History at the University of St Andrews. He has written widely on Scottish economic, social and demographic history, and since the mid 1990s has been much concerned with environmental history. ‘He was the

  • Mary Somerville
    Mary Somerville

    Mary Somerville (1780-1872) was born in Jedburgh, the fifth child of William Fairfax, a Lieutenant in Nelson’s navy (later a Vice-Admiral), and his second wife, Margaret Charters. She attended a school in Musselburgh whose chief aim was to teach girls how to be gracious. Despite the obstacles

  • Sophisticated Games
  • David Spaven
    David Spaven

    David Spaven  was born and brought up in Edinburgh, and has lived and worked in Edinburgh, Inverness, London and Glasgow. He has spent his whole working life in and around the rail industry and is the author of a number of acclaimed railway books, including  Mapping the Railways

  • Shirley Spear
    Shirley Spear

    Born in the Scottish Borders town of Peebles, Shirley Spear grew up in Edinburgh. In her late teens she began her chosen career of journalism in Dundee, which later took her to London. There she met Eddie and Sarah, her stepdaughter. In the early 80s they moved to the Isle of Skye to run The Three

  • Alan Spence, Hazel Hutchison
    Alan Spence, Hazel Hutchison

    Alan Spence is a distinguished novelist, poet, short-story writer and dramatist. He was named Scottish Writer of the Year in 1996 and won the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Award in 2006. He is known for his novels, such as The Pure Land (Canongate, 2006), The Magic Flute and Way to Go, and his

  • Iain R. Spink
    Iain R. Spink

    Iain R. Spink works tirelessly to elevate the humble Arbroath Smokie from a local speciality to nationwide delicacy. His dedication, passion and enthusiasm for the product has led to many prestigious national awards, including being crowned 2006 BBC Food Producer of the Year. He has been

  • John Stansfeld
    John Stansfeld

    John Stansfeld spent his childhood in Scotland, England and America. After Oxford University he spent two years in the Gordon Highlanders. He is currently director of the Montrose heritage Trust.

  • Craig Statham
    Craig Statham

    Craig Statham was born in Edinburgh and educated at Dalkeith High School and the University of St Andrews, where he studied history. He also has a postgraduate diploma in Museum and Gallery Studies. He is currently a councillor on Midlothian Council and the Local History Officer for East Lothian

  • Judy Steel
    Judy Steel

    Born in 1940, Judy Steel had a peripatetic childhood before going to Edinburgh University to study law. Since 1965 she has lived in the Scottish Borders, bringing up her family and being a partner in the political career of her husband, David Steel. For over twenty years she has been working in the

  • Stephen Proctor
    Stephen Proctor

    Stephen Proctor has served as a senior editor at The Baltimore Sun , The San Francisco Chronicle and The Houston Chronicle . A native of Maryland, he graduated from The American University in Washington and was later awarded a John S. Knight Fellowship in journalism at Stanford University

  • Steve Haake
    Steve Haake

    Steve Haake has a first-class degree in physics from the University of Leeds and a PhD from the University of Aston, sponsored by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. He has published six books, authored over 150 journal papers on the physics and engineering of sport, and written

  • Steven G. Mandis
    Steven G. Mandis

    Steven G. Mandis is an adjunct associate professor in finance and economics at Columbia Business School, having previously worked at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup and as a senior advisor to McKinsey & Co. He also teaches at Columbia University’s Masters of Sports Management Program. He

  • Kenneth Steven
    Kenneth Steven

    Kenneth Steven was born in Glasgow in 1968 and spent his schooldays in Perthshire. He has studied in Norway and translates from both Norwegian and Sami. A widely published poet, novelist and children’s author, his most recently published collections of poems include Evensong, Iona and Wild

  • David Stevenson
    David Stevenson

    David Stevenson is Professor Emeritus of Scottish History at the University of St Andrews.

  • Jane Stevenson, Peter Davidson, Marc Ellington and Daniel Maccannell
    Jane Stevenson, Peter Davidson, Marc Ellington and Daniel Maccannell

    <p><strong>Jane Stevenson</strong> was born in London, and brought up in Beijing, London and Bonn. She currently lives in Aberdeenshire, where she is Regius Professor of Humanity at the University of Aberdeen. She is the author of a number of historical works, two collections of

  • Robert Louis Stevenson
    Robert Louis Stevenson

    The real life adventures of author Robert Louis Stevenson rival those of his famous fictional characters. Born into a strictly religious, middle-class Edinburgh family, he later rebelled and refused to follow his father into the lighthouse construction business, opting instead for a literary

  • Struan Stevenson
    Struan Stevenson

    Struan Stevenson served three terms as a Member of the European Parliament for Scotland from 1999 to 2014. He is an award-winning author, lecturer, newspaper feature writer and broadcaster. 

  • Katharine Stewart
    Katharine Stewart

    Katharine Stewart lived on a croft with her husband and daughter for many years. Her experiences during this period of her life were recounted in A Croft in the Hills , A Garden in the Hills, describing the life of her garden during the course of a year, and A School in the Hills, about the

  • Mairi Stewart
    Mairi Stewart

    Mairi Stewart graduated in Geography from Glasgow University. After spending ten years working in conservation and land management, her interest in woodland history led her to undertake an MPhil at the University of St Andrews. She subsequently worked as a project officer at the Centre for

  • Sheila Stewart
    Sheila Stewart

    Sheila Stewart, MBE  was the last in the line of the Stewarts of Blair. She spent her childhood travelling all over Scotland and working on farms with her family. From 1954 she sang in concerts with her parents and her sister Cathie. An acclaimed story teller and ballad singer, she also

  • John Stoye
    John Stoye

    John Stoye taught Modern History at Magdalen College, Oxford, until 1984. After retirement he and his wife remained in North Oxford within easy reach of the University libraries.

  • Stref (Stephen White) and Fin Cramb
    Stref (Stephen White) and Fin Cramb

    Stephen White (‘Stref’) is an Edinburgh-based illustrator, writer, and comic book artist. For a number of years he worked for DC Thomson on The Dandy , The Beano , The Broons and Oor Wullie . His first graphic novel, MILK+ was published in 2010 and was followed by Raising

  • Martin C. Strong
    Martin C. Strong

    Martin C. Strong is the author of several books, includingThe Great Rock Discography and The Great Psychedelic Discography. He has been researching and compiling discographies for thirty years. He has three daughters and lives in Falkirk.

  • Stuart Barnes
    Stuart Barnes

    Stuart Barnes won ten caps for England before becoming the face – and voice – of rugby union on Sky Sports in 1994, where he continues to work today. An author of three books on rugby ( Rugby’s New-Age Travellers was the runner up in the William Hill Sports Book of the Year

  • Stuart David
    Stuart David

    Stuart David is a musician, songwriter and novelist. He grew up in Alexandria, on the west coast of Scotland – a town memorably described as looking like ‘a town that’s helping the police with their inquiries’. The character of Peacock Johnson is based on some of the

  • Donald Sutherland
    Donald Sutherland

    Donald Sutherland grew up in Oban at the beginning of the twentieth century. He is the author of Butt and Ben a charming and perceptive memoir, which paints a detailed picture of the years just before the outbreak of the First World War.

  • Gary Sutherland
    Gary Sutherland

    Raised in Hopeman – on the Moray Firth – Gary Sutherland has worked as an ice cream maker, candyfloss maker, shortbread maker, teacher, bookseller, sports journalist and travel writer. He lives in Glasgow and is wondering if the rain might stop soon. Find out more about him at his

  • Sheila Szatkowski, Editor(s)
    Sheila Szatkowski, Editor(s)

    Sheila Szatkowski is a historian and writer who has lectured and written extensively on Edinburgh characters of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. She is founder of The 227 Club, whose main purpose is the celebration of the humour and conviviality of the Scottish Enlightenment. She lives in