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  • Martin Padget
    Martin Padget

    Martin Padget is Senior Lecturer in English at Aberystwyth University. He is the author of Indian Country: Travels in the American Southwest, 1840-1935 (2004), the co-author of Beginning Ethnic American Literatures (2001) and has published numerous essays on American literature and history,

  • Marian Pallister
    Marian Pallister

    Marian Pallister has worked as a feature writer and commentator covering social issues in Scotland and round the world, particularly in disaster and war zones. She previously taught journalism at Napier University and is currently tutor in English subjects at Argyll College. She also founded a

  • Harry Papadopoulos
    Harry Papadopoulos

    Harry Papadopoulos was born in Garelochhead in 1954. He studied electrical and electronic engineering at Paisley College of Technology and later became a teacher of maths and physics. A self-taught photographer who began his career taking photographs at gigs in the late 1970s and 1980s,

  • Steve Paterson & Frank Gilfeather
    Steve Paterson & Frank Gilfeather

    Steve Paterson was set for fame and stardom with Manchester United in the 1970s, but from the age of sixteen he became gripped by an addiction to gambling before descending into alcoholism and debt. He became a soccer mercenary in Hong Kong, Australia and Japan, but his gambling and ruinous

  • Paul Murton
    Paul Murton

    Paul Murton is well known as a documentary film maker whose work includes Grand Tours of Scotland and Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands (4 series). He grew up in rural Argyll and has been an inveterate traveller since his teenage years.

  • Paul Strand
    Paul Strand

    Paul Strand was born in New York City in 1890. He began photographing at the age of 18 while a student at the Ethical Culture High School. In 1945 the Museum of Modern Art devoted its first one-person photography exhibition to Strand’s work. Two years later he collaborated with Nancy

  • Michael Pedersen and Kevin Williamson
    Michael Pedersen and Kevin Williamson

    Michael Pedersen is a poet, playwright and animateur with an electric reputation on the performance circuit and a prolific precedent of collaborations, having teamed up with some of the UK’s top musicians, film-makers and artists. He is widely published in magazines, journals,

  • Michael Pedersen
    Michael Pedersen

    Michael Pedersen has published two successful chapbooks and an acclaimed debut collection Play with Me (Polygon). He was named a ‘Canongate Future 40’; was awarded the John Mather Trust Rising Star of Literature Award 2014 (appointed by Scottish Poetry Library); received a funded

  • Roy Pedersen
    Roy Pedersen

    Roy Pedersen’s interest in ferries and the development of the Highlands and Islands are of long standing. As far back as 1974, he was the architect of the concept of Road Equivalent Tariff (RET). He is founder and owner an innovative and successful transport consultancy and a Highland

  • Martí Perarnau
    Martí Perarnau

    Martí Perarnau , former Spanish Olympiad turned journalist, is a renowned football analyst. He writes for a number of Spanish newspapers and runs the hugely popular Perarnau Magazine blog. He lives in Barcelona.

  • Ray Perman
    Ray Perman

    Ray Perman was a journalist for 30 years in London and Scotland. He first met the Campbells in 1977 and corresponded with John until his death in 1996. He has been given exclusive access by the National Trust for Scotland to the Canna House Archive and the private notebooks and letters of John and

  • Nick Perry
    Nick Perry

    Nick Perry spent his childhood in Dorset, out in the countryside daydreaming most of the time. He was educated at Parkstone Sea Training School before leaving for London where he worked for ATV Television. He travelled around Europe moving from job to job until he came into money. On impulse

  • Peter Berresford Ellis & Seumas Mac a’ Ghobhainn
    Peter Berresford Ellis & Seumas Mac a’ Ghobhainn

    Peter Berresford Ellis, an acknowledged expert on the Celtic world, is a historian, literary biographer and novelist. He is the author of the bestselling Sister Fidelma historical mysteries (writing as Peter Tremayne). Seumas Mac a’ Ghobainn was a Scottish author, essayist and

  • Angus Peter Campbell
    Angus Peter Campbell

    Angus Peter Campbell (Aonghas Pàdraig Caimbeul) is an award-winning poet and novelist in both Gaelic and English, journalist, broadcaster and actor. Born and brought up on the Island of South Uist he now lives in Kyle with his family. He has won several awards for his writing, including the

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evans

    Peter Evans is an experienced writer and hillwalker with an extensive knowledge of the area covered in this book and its history. A former editor of The Great Outdoors , Climber and Scottish Field magazines, he was a journalist with Scotland on Sunday for many years. He has written two

  • Peter Matheson & Alastair Hulbert
    Peter Matheson & Alastair Hulbert

    Peter Matheson is a theologian who has lectured in theology in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. From 1965 and 1982 he was Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Ecclesiastical History at New College, Faculty of Divinity, Edinburgh University. Alastair Hulbert is a practical theologian

  • Willis Pickard
    Willis Pickard

    Willis Pickard graduated in history from the University of St Andrews. He was features and literary editor of the Scotsman, then for 21 years editor of the Times Educational Supplement Scotland. He was rector of Aberdeen University 1988–90 and has been a Trustee of the National Library of

  • Jan Pilditch
    Jan Pilditch

    Jan Pilditch was born and grew up in Cheshire, England. After emigrating to New Zealand she continued her studies extramurally through Massey University and later at the University of Waikato where she completed a DPhil in American Satire. She is now a Senior Lecturer in English and Director of

  • Allan Pinkerton and Bruce Durie
    Allan Pinkerton and Bruce Durie

    Allan Pinkerton is famous as the founder of the detective agency that still bears his name. What is less well known is that he was a prolific author who can lay claim to being one of the originators of the 'private eye' genre. Even the phrase 'private eye' can find its roots in

  • Pip Hills
    Pip Hills

    Pip Hills has had a varied career. After studying philosophy he has, at various times, worked as a docker, a crane driver, a truck driver and a scuba diving instructor. He found more gainful employment as an Inspector of Taxes, and also ran his own accountancy for 20 years.

  • Alyssa Popiel
    Alyssa Popiel

    Alyssa Popiel grew up on Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh. In her mother’s antique shop she discovered strange objects, books of old and listened to many a tale and song. After studying History of Art (MA Hons) at Edinburgh University, she worked as an arts researcher for BBC Scotland. She

  • Tom Pow
    Tom Pow

    Tom Pow was born in Edinburgh in 1950. Primarily an award-winning poet, he has also written young adult novels, picture books, radio plays and travel books. He has held various writing posts, including that of Scottish/Canadian Writing Fellow, based at the University of Alberta in Edmonton,

  • Robert Price
    Robert Price

    Robert Price , born in Cardiff, has lectured and carried out research in geography and geology at several universities in Scotland, Canada and the USA. He is now a full-time golf consultant working with clients throughout the world.

  • Ksawery Pruszynski
    Ksawery Pruszynski

    Ksawery Pruszynski was a radical journalist who had lost his own home in what is now Byelorussia. After serving with the forces in Scotland, he became a diplomat and – although never a Communist – returned to Poland after the war to serve the new Communist-dominated government at the United

  • Polly Pullar
    Polly Pullar

    Polly Pullar has worked with animals all her life, as a sheep farmer, wildlife guide, field naturalist, photojournalist and wildlife rehabilitator. She writes and illustrates articles for numerous magazines including the Scots Magazine , Scottish Farmer , Tractor and People’s Friend

  • Polly Pullar and Mary Low
    Polly Pullar and Mary Low

    Polly Pullar has worked as a wildlife guide, wildlife rehabilitator, sheep farmer and field naturalist. She has written a number of wildlife books and is also widely known as a photo-journalist. She lives in Aberfeldy. Mary Low is a writer and independent scholar. She grew up at the foot