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  • Ross Laidlaw
    Ross Laidlaw

    Ross Laidlaw was born in Aberdeen and educated at Cambridge University. He has worked and travelled extensively in Southern Africa and currently lives in East Lothian.

  • Elizabeth Laird
    Elizabeth Laird

    Elizabeth Laird was born in New Zealand in 1943, the fourth of five children. In 1945, Laird and her family returned to Britain and she grew up in South London, where she was educated at Croydon High School. When she was eighteen, Laird started teaching at a school in Malaysia. She decided to

  • Carla Lamont
    Carla Lamont

    Carla Lamont is from Victoria, Canada. She came over to Scotland in 1994 to work in a restaurant on Iona. She met her husband John in the village of Fionnphort, Mull, where they have lived ever since and set up their increasingly acclaimed restaurant in 2009.

  • Raymond Lamont-Brown
    Raymond Lamont-Brown

    Raymond Lamont-Brown has been a professional author and broadcaster since 1965. He has written widely on a huge range of subjects. His published work includes biographies of John Brown and Andrew Carnegie as well as books on Scottish and Japanese history.

  • Sue Lawrence
    Sue Lawrence

    Sue Lawrence is a food writer and journalist who has written many books on cooking and baking, including The Scottish Kitchen (2002), The Sue Lawrence Book of Baking (2004) and Eating In (2011). She lives in Edinburgh.

  • Bill Lawson
    Bill Lawson

    Bill Lawson founded the genealogy centre Co Leis Thu and is genealogical consultant to Northton Heritage Trust, which now runs this research service. He has written over 36 books on the genealogies and history of the Western Isles and has an unrivalled knowledge of the history of emigration from

  • Julian Lea-Jones
    Julian Lea-Jones

    Julian Lea-Jones was raised in Bermuda and came to the UK for secondary education. He completed his service with the Royal Air Force in 1967, and became an aerospace designer and researcher. Throughout the 1990s he ran an international consortium of aerospace companies and also acted as an aerospace

  • Iona Lee
    Iona Lee

    Iona Lee, born in Edinburgh in 1996 and raised in East Lothian by two theatre actors, is a poet, visual artist and performer. Iona fell into the spoken word scene when she was seventeen and, in 2016, won the title of Scottish Slam Champion. Iona has performed at the Edinburgh International Book

  • Margaret Leigh
    Margaret Leigh

    Margaret Leigh was the author of Driftwood and Tangle , Spade Among the Rushes , Highland Homespun , Harvest of the Moor and My Kingdom for a Horse . She was born in London in 1894, the cousin of novelist Dorothy L. Sayers and the daughter of an Oxford don. Her childhood was spent

  • Kate Leiper (illustrator)
    Kate Leiper (illustrator)

    Kate Leiper is an artist and illustrator who regularly exhibits and undertakes commissions throughout the UK. She is particularly drawn to mythical and animal subjects and has previously worked on Illustrated Treasury of Scottish Folk and Fairy Tales and An Illustrated Treasury of Scottish

  • Joan Lennon
    Joan Lennon

    Joan Lennon , born in Canada, has lived in Scotland since 1978. She has written a large number of children’s books, including a number of successful series – The Wickit Chronicles, Tales from the Keep and the Slightly Jones series. Her books have been translated into numerous

  • Les Wilson
    Les Wilson

    Les Wilson is a writer, and an award-winning documentary maker who specialises in Scottish historical subjects. Among his film credits is the 30-part series, Scotland’s War, an oral history of World War Two, and the 13-part series The Real Tartan Army , a TV history of the Scottish

  • Ann Lindsay
    Ann Lindsay

    Ann Lindsay was brought up in rural Aberdeenshire. She has written a number of books, including Mystical Scotland , Seeds of Blood and Beauty and The Dried Flower Garden . She lives near Dunkeld, Perthshire.

  • David Lindsay
    David Lindsay

    David Lindsay (1878-1945) was born the youngest of three children in Blackheath, of a Scottish father and an English mother. Brought up in London and with relatives in Jedburgh, Lindsay had to abandon his hopes of taking up a scholarship at university when his father deserted the family. Instead,

  • Frederic Lindsay
    Frederic Lindsay

    Frederic Lindsay, the author of over ten novels, including  Brond, Kissing Judas  and  Death Knock,  was born and brought up in Glasgow. After graduating with first-class honours in English Literature and Language he worked as a library assistant, a teacher and a lecturer

  • Eric Linklater
    Eric Linklater

    Eric Linklater (1899-1974) was born in Wales and educated in Aberdeen. Linklater served as a private in the Black Watch in the closing years of the First World War, surviving a nearly fatal head wound to return to Aberdeen to take a degree in English. After a spell in Mumbai with the Times of

  • Liz Ashworth
    Liz Ashworth

    Liz Ashworth is a Scottish food writer and food product developer, with a particular interest in using local products. The author of a pioneering series of cookery books for beginners of all ages, she writes food columns in various publications, and coordinates the food programme in the annual

  • William Lobban
    William Lobban

    William Lobban, after a harrowing upbringing in Glasgow, embarked on a life of crime which is detailed in this book. Released from prison 14 years ago, he has turned his back on crime ever since. He now lives in the Highlands of Scotland.   1.     Do you

  • Liz Lochhead
    Liz Lochhead

    Photograph  ©  Alastair Cook Liz Lochhead was born in Motherwell in 1947. While studying Drawing and Painting at the Glasgow School of Art she began to write seriously, gradually losing her way with her initial dream of becoming a painter. Her first book of poetry,

  • Peter Lockton
    Peter Lockton

    Peter Lockton , CBE was born in Bristol, UK in 1934. An electrical engineer, he had 43 years’ continuous service with one of the UK’s largest power systems companies. His job took him to many parts of the world. The thirteen years before his retirement were spent in India. Since retirement, he

  • Richard Lomas
    Richard Lomas

    Richard Lomas , now retired, was a Lecturer in History at Durham University. He is the author of The Fall of the House of Percy (2006) and A Power in the Land: The Percys (1999).

  • Anne Lorne Gillies
    Anne Lorne Gillies

    Born: 1944 in Stirling First Book: An Tàcharan , a Gaelic children’s novel published in the 1970s Awards: Honorary doctorate from the University of Edinburgh, 1993; Winner of 2006 Ruth Michaelis-Jena Ratcliff Prize for Songs of Gaelic Scotland. Anne Lorne Gillies,

  • Dane Love
    Dane Love

    Dane Love was born in Ayrshire and educated in Glasgow. He graduated from Jordanhill College of Education and is currently a principal teacher at Irvine Royal Academy. A Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and the National History Society, Love is also an Honorary secretary of the Scottish