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  • F. Marian McNeill
  • Jonathan Falla
    Jonathan Falla

    Jonathan Falla worked intermittently for various aid agencies overseas for fourteen years before moving to Scotland to concentrate on writing. He also worked as a part-time nurse, and as well as writing and reviewing for the press, he is a successful playwright. He lives in Fife.

  • Barry Fantoni
    Barry Fantoni

    Barry Fantoni was born in London’s East End in 1940 to an Italian father and a Jewish mother of French and Dutch extraction, both gifted musicians. Aged just fourteen, he was awarded the Wedgewood Scholarship for the Arts and was sent to Camberwell School of Arts & Crafts where he

  • Margaret Fay Shaw
    Margaret Fay Shaw

    Born: 1903 in Pennsylvania Died: 2004 First Book: Folksongs and Folklore of South Uist (Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1955) Margaret Fay Shaw was born in Pennsylvania in 1903 and became an orphan when she was just eleven years old. She first crossed the Atlantic to Scotland to visit family

  • Alexander Fenton
    Alexander Fenton

    Professor Emeritus Alexander Fenton , CBE, son of an Aberdeenshire shoemaker and crofter, was the author of many books and articles on Scottish country life. He served as Senior Assistant Editor of the Scottish National Dictionary, and was Director of the National Museum of Antiquities of

  • Alexander Fenton, Editor(s)
    Alexander Fenton, Editor(s)

    Professor Emeritus Alexander Fenton, CBE, son of an Aberdeenshire shoemaker and crofter, was the author of many books and articles on Scottish country life. He served as Senior Assistant Editor of the Scottish National Dictionary, and was Director of the National Museum of Antiquities of

  • Calum Ferguson
    Calum Ferguson

    Calum Ferguson was born in Point, Lewis and educated at the Nicolson Institute and Aberdeen University, has had a varied career as a teacher and broadcaster. He is the author of a number of books in Gaelic and English. He now lives in Stornoway.

  • Robert Fergusson
    Robert Fergusson

    Robert Fergusson was born in Cap and Feather Close, a vennel off Edinburgh’s Royal Mile on 5 September 1750. The third of three surviving children, Robert attended Edinburgh’s Royal High School, the High School of Dundee and the University of St Andrews with the assistance of a Clan

  • Douglas J. Findlay
    Douglas J. Findlay

    Born in Leith, Douglas J. Findlay served in the RAF during the Second World War and, shortly after returning to Edinburgh, started driving taxis at night to earn some extra cash. Most of his career has been spent in Sales and Marketing.

  • Russell Findlay
    Russell Findlay

    Russell Findlay is an investigative journalist who has spent decades reporting on organised crime, policing, injustice and the law. He now works as a producer for STV News. His previous books are The Iceman: The Rise and Fall of a Crime Lord (co-authored with Jim Wilson), Caught in the

  • Andrew Fisher
    Andrew Fisher

    Andrew Fisher was archivist to the Duke of Buccleuch at Drumlanrig Castle, where he still lives.

  • Audrey-Beth Fitch
    Audrey-Beth Fitch

    Audrey-Beth Fitch graduated with a BA in History from the University of Toronto in 1986, a BEd from the University of Calgary in 1987 and a PhD from the University of Glasgow in 1997. She was Associate Professor of History at the California University of Pennsylvania, and Director of Studies there

  • Helen Fitzgerald
    Helen Fitzgerald

    Helen FitzGerald is the second youngest of thirteen children. She grew up in the small town of Kilmore, Victoria, Australia, and studied English and History at the University of Melbourne. Via India and London, Helen came to Glasgow University where she completed a Diploma and Masters in Social

  • Christopher Fleet and Carolyn Anderson
    Christopher Fleet and Carolyn Anderson

    Carolyn Anderson completed a PhD on the Board of Ordnance military mapping of Scotland in 2010. Prior to this she was a cartographic editor at Oxford University Press. She continues to work in educational publishing and academic research. Christopher Fleet joined the National Library of

  • Christopher Fleet and Daniel MacCannell
    Christopher Fleet and Daniel MacCannell

    Christopher Fleet  joined the National Library of Scotland in 1994, where his main responsibilities relate to digital mapping and making maps available online. He has researched, written and spoken widely on these subjects and on maps of Scotland, and is a co-author of  Scotland:

  • Christopher Fleet, Charles W.J. Withers and Margaret Wilkes
    Christopher Fleet, Charles W.J. Withers and Margaret Wilkes

    Chris Fleet studied Geography at the University of Durham. Since 1994 he has worked at the Map Library at the National Library of Scotland, with particular responsibilities relating to digital mapping. Charles W.J. Withers is Professor of Historical Geography at the University of Edinburgh.

  • Chris Fletcher and Anne-Marie Tindley
    Chris Fletcher and Anne-Marie Tindley

    Annie Tindley teaches history at Glasgow Caledonian University and has worked extensively on the history of Highland Sutherland estates. Chris Fletcher’s family acquired Shinness Estate in 1941, and he himself lived there from the age of seven. His family still manages the estate and the

  • Nichola Fletcher
    Nichola Fletcher

    Nichola Fletcher has written a number of highly acclaimed cookery books, including Charlemagne’s Tablecloth , Nichola Fletcher’s Ultimate Venison Cookery , Caviar; A Global History and The Meat Cookbook . She and her husband started Britain’s first deer farm in 1973, and

  • Alan Forbes
    Alan Forbes

    Alan Forbes is an experienced walker and journalist. A senior media officer for Glasgow City Council, he has built up a wide knowledge of walking and environmental issues. He is the author of two other titles in the 25 Walks series: Ayrshire and Arran and Arrochar, Cowal and Bute.

  • Anne L. Forbes
    Anne L. Forbes

    Anne L. Forbes gained a degree in Early Modern Scottish History from the University of Aberdeen. She has taught in schools in London, Norfolk, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Northern Ireland and North-East Scotland. After some years working in Africa, she and her husband returned to Scotland in 2001 settling

  • Carol Foreman
    Carol Foreman

    Carol Foreman is the author of Glasgow Street Names, Hidden Glasgow, Lost Glasgow, Made in Scotland and Glasgow from the Air . She is a noted local historian and lives and works in Glasgow.

  • Anne Forsyth
    Anne Forsyth

    Anne Forsyth is the author of several popular children's books in Scots, including Rashiecoat, Aiken Drum and Kitty Bairdie. She writes regularly for the BBC and is a well-loved storyteller.

  • John Fowler
    John Fowler

    John Fowler has been a feature writer, leader writer and columnist for several newspapers in Scotland and has also worked in radio. For fourteen years he was Arts Editor for The Herald . He has written several plays, notably Whaur's Yer Willie Wallace Noo? and a number of books,

  • Gavin Francis
    Gavin Francis

    Gavin Francis grew up in Fife and currently lives in Edinburgh where he studied medicine and now works as a GP. His interest in history and travel has seen him pass through Europe, India, Africa and South America as well as spending a year on a remote base in Antarctica. Most recently, he

  • Ian Fraser
    Ian Fraser

    Ian Fraser is an award-winning journalist, commentator and broadcaster who writes about business, finance, politics and economics. His work has been published by among others The Sunday Times, The Economist, Financial Times, BBC News, Thomson Reuters, Dow Jones, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday,

  • Lindsey Fraser
    Lindsey Fraser

    Lindsey Fraser co-founded the successful literary Fraser Ross Associates, following careers in bookselling and readership development. It was late in the 90s while she was Executive Director of Scottish Book Trust that she was introduced to new Edinburgh-based author J K Rowling. She wrote the

  • Murdo Fraser
    Murdo Fraser

    Murdo Fraser is Deputy Leader of the Scottish Conservatives and MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife. Born in Inverness, he studied law at Aberdeen and worked as a solicitor in Aberdeen and Edinburgh before becoming an MSP in 2001.

  • Richard Frere
    Richard Frere

    Richard Frere was born at Roydon Hall, Norfolk, in 1922. When Frere was a child, his father moved to Scotland and after private tutoring he went to Inverness Academy. He instinctively took to the Highlands, and over the course of his life he published a number of works on the area as well as on a

  • Joe Friedman
    Joe Friedman

    Joe Friedman , born in Chicago, has lived in London for many years, where he divides his time between writing and practising psychotherapy. He is author of the children’s series Boobela’s World , and is actively involved in running creative workshops for children in the 7–11

  • Michael Fry
    Michael Fry

    Michael Fry was educated at the universities of Oxford and Hamburg. He is the author of The Scottish Empire (2001), How the Scots Made America (2003) and Wild Scots: Four Hundred Years of Highland History (2005). He has also written numerous articles on modern Scottish history and