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Whiskies Galore

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Publication Date
14 September 2017
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Birlinn Ltd
16pp colour plates

Whiskies Galore

A Tour of Scotland’s Island Distilleries


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'something special, too, about this fascinating book ... All in all, this is the real thing - a single malt of a book - a lovely and loving read' – Alexander McCall Smith

'For every distillery, he has a level of knowledge that increases your own understanding of its history, production or potential future, without ever resorting to the dry (ok, unreadable) catalogue of pot still sizes or lyne arm angles' – 

'a no-holds-barred travelogue of Scotland's island distilleries ... this will be a worthy addition to any whisky-lover's shelf' – The Whisky Exchange

‘A delightful grand tour of island distilleries’ – Sunday Post

‘A fascinating new book’ – The Spectator

'A great read: it mixes childhood recollections, laments about Hebridean weather, historical anecdotes and 101 astute, humorous observations’ – Dundee Courier

'A tour, an investigation, a fact finding mission, done with the utmost geniality by a man whose blood is most probably a pale amber hue… you can almost smell the peat, hear the clink of glasses and see the wind on the heather!' – Sue Baker,

'A highly entertaining read, packed with wit, warmth and a genuine love of his subject matter’ – Highland Park

'Ian Buxton is one of the country’s best known and most prolific whisky writers and he writes on the subject with a fondness and knowledge, not to mention humour, which comes from a lifetime surrounded by whisky. His relaxed and conversational style makes the book a very enjoyable read' – The Ileach

'If you’ve read any of Bill Bryson’s books you’ll understand exactly where Ian’s coming from. … Full of interest for whisky lovers and non-lovers alike – funny stories and full of obscure nerdy information from an expert in the field' – Malt Musings

'Sardonic, unsentimental and often very funny ... the most original drink book I’ve read in a long time ... this book will make you love Scotch whisky all the more' – Henry Jeffreys, prize-winning author of Empire of Booze

'His often hilarious travelogue mercilessly exposes cant, yet his profound love of these extraordinary places and our spirits is never in doubt' – Carl Reavey, Bruichladdich Distillery

'This is unlike any other whisky book yet published, and better than most!' – Charles MacLean, author of Whiskypedia

Island whiskies have long held a fascination and a powerful emotional draw on whisky drinkers the world over. Their special combination of heritage, mystique, and remote location captures the imagination; their highly distinctive flavours are often imitated but seldom bettered. There have been few books on island whisky and none written in recent years.

But Whiskies Galore is not your average whisky book. It is not merely a catalogue of distilleries, but a story of discovery and adventure. Join Ian Buxton on a personal journey across Scotland’s islands, where he learns to fish with high explosives, ends up hurling his dinner into the sea, and comes face to face with a basking shark. Combining an expert’s knowledge of whisky with a travel writer’s fondness for anecdote, and with a keen description of place, he provides a special treat for all who love the islands’ magical drams.

Ian Buxton has been working in and around the whisky industry for close to 30 years, but has been drinking professionally for a good deal longer. He began writing regularly for Whisky Magazine shortly after it launched, and now also writes in a variety of trade and consumer titles here and abroad. He has published a number of books, including the bestselling 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die and101 Gins to Try Before You Die.

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