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Publication Date
09 September 2016
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Whatever the Sea

Scottish poems for growing older

Foreword by Sally Magnusson
by Lizzie MacGregor, Editor(s) - Find out more about the author

'In Whatever the Sea: Scottish Poems for Growing Older there are words of reflection, wisdom, love and possibility. Even the more difficult aspects of ageing are dealt with through humour and insight. An elegantly presented collection with the emphasis on the growing part of growing older’ – Jim Tough, Executive Director of the Saltire Society (Sunday Herald - Best Reads of 2016)

‘Editor Lizzie MacGregor, assistant librarian at the Scottish Poetry Library, has done a sterling job of compiling a panoply of poems, many of which are simultaneously plangent and funny’ – Herald

‘Useful reading for those of a certain age!’ – Scots Magazine

age has drifted down / imperceptibly, like dust

Age comes to us all. It is not a unique phenomenon, but it is personal, and it can be perplexing. Poetry gives us a fresh way to think about growing older, and these poems, introduced by Sally Magnusson, celebrate maturity, widen perspectives and confront the inevitable.

The poets acknowledge the advent of age, in rueful or upbeat mode, celebrate the bonuses of friendship and late love, survey the weaknesses of body and mind with black humour, and face the final destination with indomitable spirit.

Whatever the Sea: Scottish poems for growing older, edited by Lizzie MacGregor, is published in association with the Scottish Poetry Library and with support from the Baring Foundation. It includes poems by Edwin Morgan, Stewart Conn, Alison Prince, Douglas Dunn, Vicki Feaver and Diana Hendry.

Lizzie MacGregor is the Assistant Librarian of the Scottish Poetry Library. She has edited the SPL/Polygon’s popular series of poetry anthologies Handsel, Handfast and Lament, as well as Luckenbooth: an anthology of Edinburgh poetry.


The publishers acknowledge investment from Creative Scotland towards the publication of this book.

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