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Walter Scott and Scotland


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This is a stimulating introduction to Sir Walter Scott. It is a succinct and penetrating study of the influences on him of both classical and enlightened Edinburgh and of Border and Jacobite tradition. In his famous book in 1936 Edwin Muir raised, but did not satisfactorily answer, the questions of what Scotland had done for Scott and what he had done for Scotland. This book offers new and more deeply considered answers. It throws light both on Sir Walter Scott and on the dilemma which faced Scotland then and which faces it still.

Paul Henderson Scott was educated, like Sir Walter, at the Royal High School and University of Edinburgh. He is a former diplomat who never lost touch with Scotland. He has written extensively about it and is closely involved in many aspects of Scottish cultural and political life. He has recently edited Scotland: A Concise Cultural History and he has been awarded the Andrew Fletcher Award for Services to Scotland.