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Tools of the Trade

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Publication Date
06 June 2019
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Tools of the Trade

Poems for New Doctors
by Samuel Tongue & Lesley Morrison (ed) - Find out more about the author

Being a doctor is a privilege; it is also very demanding and can be stressful, and to be able to look after others, we need to look after ourselves. We offer you this little book of poetry, Tools of the Trade, as a friend to provide inspiration, comfort and support as you begin work.

Tools of the Trade includes poems by poet-doctors Iain Bamforth, Rafael Campo, Glenn Colquhoun, Martin MacIntryre and Gael Turnbull.

Professor John Gillies was a general practitioner in rural Scotland. He has been a GP trainer and undergraduate tutor and is currently an Honorary Professor in General Practice at Edinburgh University, senior advisor to the Global Health Academy, and Deputy Director of the Scottish School of Primary Care, a research collaboration. He helped found the Scottish Medical Humanities network and believes that literature and poetry augment our understanding of medicine and illness and indeed the world at large.

Samuel Tongue is Project Co-ordinator at the Scottish Poetry Library. His first pamphlet is Hauling-Out (Eyewear, 2016) and his second, stitch, is forthcoming with Tapsalteerie. He has published poems in numerous anthologies and magazines. He is currently co-editor of New Writing Scotland and poetry editor at the Glasgow Review of Books.

Lesley Morrison is a retired GP, now writing and contributing to radio, with a longstanding belief that the humanities can and should be used to cast light on medical education and practice. She works with medical students at the University of Edinburgh and uses this book as a tool for teaching.

Ali Newell is a minister of the Church of Scotland and trained in counselling and spirituality. She worked as Associate Chaplain at McMaster University, Canada and then as co-warden of Iona Abbey, Isle of Iona, Scotland. She became Associate Chaplain at Edinburgh University in 2011 and is particularly involved with environmental concerns, refugee issues, interfaith dialogue, and well-being and mental health concerns. She regularly uses poetry and mindfulness to explore self-care with students, staff and healthcare professionals.