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Time Shall Reap
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01 June 2006
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Time Shall Reap

by Doris Davidson - Find out more about the author


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This title is available as an eBook only

‘It’s a dismal day that doesn’t include a dose of Doris’ – Press and Journal

It is 1915, and Elspeth Gray is young, unmarried, heavily pregnant and destitute in a strange city. Having no one else to turn to, she throws herself on the mercy of a compassionate woman she once met briefly on a train. Helen Watson and her husband, themselves expecting a baby, gladly give the desperate girl a home. After Elspeth’s son is born, however, Helen tragically loses her own child, and in her traumatised state transposes the two births in her mind. With the neighbours also believing that little John is Helen’s baby, rather than the single girl’s, Elspeth gradually finds herself deprived of her own child.

A second chance for happiness comes along for Elspeth through marriage to David, a soldier badly scarred by the war. But her children must survive the calamities of another war, and the tangle of secrets overshadowing her youth causes misunderstandings that eventually lead to disaster. Only when the full truth becomes clear can she and her family find happiness and freedom from guilt . . .

Doris Davidson was born in Aberdeen in 1922, the daughter of a master butcher and country lass. Her idyllic childhood was shattered in 1934 with the death of her father, after which, in order to make ends meet, her mother was forced to take in lodgers. In part due to her father's sudden death, Doris left school at fifteen and went to work in an office, gradually rising through the ranks until she became book-keeper. She returned to college at the age of 41 to take her exams and retrain as a primary school teacher. Following her retirement she changed career again, becoming an acclaimed novelist. Thirteen novels, one collection of short stories and an acclaimed autobiography – A Gift from the Gallowgate – later she was firmly established as one of the country's best-loved romantic novelists. Doris died in June 2012.

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