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John Donald
Publication Date
01 February 2007
Paperback (also available as an eBook)
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Birlinn Limited
16pp colour plates

The Wallace Book

Edited by Edward J. Cowan
by Edward J. Cowan, Editor(s) - Find out more about the author


eBook also available from the iBookstore

'This is an extraordinary story…confidently told, truthful and enjoyable' – Scots Magazine

'A stimulating collection of essays…a lively contribution to the history of Anglo-Scottish relations' - Northern History

'exhaustive and refreshing' - PR Fish, S.A.T.H.

'This buik is a rare read' - Dauvit Horsbroch, Lallans

A team of leading historians and critics from both Scotland and England investigate what is known of the medieval warrior’s career from contemporary sources, most of which, unusually for a national hero, were created by his enemies. His reputation, from the time of his horrendous execution to the present, is examined to ascertain what the figure of Wallace meant to different generations of Scots. Too dangerous perhaps for his own era, he became the supreme Scottish hero of all time; the archetypal Scot who would teach kings and nobles where their duty lay, and who would live free or freely die for the liberty of his nation.

Contributors: Fiona Watson, A. A. M. Duncan, Michael Prestwich, Alexander Broadie, Alexander Grant, Felicity Riddy, Elspeth King, Colin Kidd, James Coleman, David H. Caldwell, Richard J. Finlay, Lizanne Henderson


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