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The Songs of Manolo Escobar
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01 March 2011
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The Songs of Manolo Escobar


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'A very good novel, intelligent and moving, rich in significant detail, sometimes funny in his exploration of misunderstandings and embarrassing moments, sad and compassionate in its treatment of failure and inadequacy, yet life-affirming too. It does what the best novels are capable of doing - that is, it makes you think and feel' – The Scotsman

'A novel then about accommodation with cultural differences, the uncertainties of identity and painful and disturbing history. Very well done' – Allan Massie

'I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed 'The Songs of Manolo Escobar' – it was a truly wonderful book – it felt so 'real', I'd almost be disappointed if it wasn't I think it would make a wonderful film - which is always a sign of a great book!' – Philip Bloom

Suspicion had been fomenting within me for some time that our family was different. Why, for example, were Pablito, my elder brother, and I dark-haired with olive skin when the rest of my classmates were sandy and pale? Why did our family have a second way of speaking, which I didn’t understand? Why was ours the only home I knew where the walls were dominated with pictures of men in spangly waistcoats and tight trousers?

For Antonio, growing up Spanish in Glasgow is a nightmare – one of shame and potential embarrassment on every front. But there is no hiding his ethnicity: his noisy, bullying father, even his gentle mother and her quest for olives and exotic meats, put paid to that. It is only as he grows older, and can see his father for what he is, a reluctant exile washed up on the cold shores of Scotland, that Antonio begins to understand what terrible forces drove his father to flee 40 years before. Unravelling his father’s secret life piece by piece, Antonio discovers a truth that will shock and heal him.

Carlos Alba is a journalist who has worked in Scotland for the past 17 years. He was editor of The Sunday Times (Scotland) since September 2006 after five years as deputy editor. Prior to that, he was Scottish political editor of the Daily Record and education correspondent at The Herald. He has won five Scottish Press awards. He is the author of Kane's Ladder, also published by Polygon.

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