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The Sledge Patrol
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Military, History & Adventure
Publication Date
09 March 2006
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Birlinn Ltd
Age Range
20th century
8pp b/w plates, maps

The Sledge Patrol

by David Howarth - Find out more about the author

There was nobody there. It was nice and warm inside. The stove was still alight, and there were two half-empty mugs of coffee on the table. Lying on one of the bunks, there were two daggers, and there was a jacket of an unfamiliar greenish colour hanging on a hook on the door. Marius looked at it, and on the breast he saw the swastika.

In 1942 the German trawler Sachsen set sail. Heavily armed and equipped, their mission was to set up a weather station in eastern Greenland and plug the gap in German reporting. Seven men stood against them. Using dogsleds to patrol 500 miles of the forbidding coast of eastern Greenland, their wartime mission was to guard against Nazi infiltration. It was a thankless and boring task in the freezing arctic conditions until they discovered a footprint on Sabine island. There followed one of the most thrilling stories of adventure of the Second World War, a tale of a silent chase and fight against a vastly superior enemy up and down the coast of Greenland and one of the most remarkable and important Allied victories of the war.

David Howarth served as a British naval officer during World War II running the Norwegian-manned spy ring whose name became the title of his first best selling book. He was a prolific author and his most famous book ­ The Shetland Bus ­ has never been out of print since first publication.