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The Sea Kingdoms

Publication Date
29 May 2008
Paperback (also available as an eBook)
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Birlinn Limited
16pp b/w plates

The Sea Kingdoms

The History of Celtic Britain and Ireland
by Alistair Moffat - Find out more about the author

eBook also available at the iBookstore
‘The most powerful representation yet of the race which has repeatedly changed history as we know it’ The Scotsman
‘Brimming with interesting facts … instructive and wide-ranging’ – Cal McCrystal, Independent on Sunday

‘The best picture of the Celtic race yet written’ – South Wales Echo

‘Lovingly traces the remnants of a once-powerful people through language, ancient place names, farms, fortresses, harbours and, most of all, through their connection to the sea’ – Irish Times
Alistair Moffat’s journey, from the Scottish islands and Scotland, to the English coast, Wales, Cornwall and Ireland, ignores national boundaries to reveal the rich fabric of culture and history of Celtic Britain which still survives today. This is a vividly told, dramatic and enlightening account of the oral history, legends and battles of a people whose past stretches back many hundred of years. The Sea Kingdoms is a story of great tragedies, ancient myths and spectacular beauty.
Alistair Moffat was born and raised in Kelso. He took degrees at the universities of St Andrews, Edinburgh and London and played rugby for Kelso and his universities. In 1976 he took charge of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as it grew into the largest arts festival in the world. He now lives in Selkirk. The Sea Kingdoms has previously been published by HarperCollins.

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