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The Man Who Challenged America
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31 May 2007
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The Man Who Challenged America

The Life and Obsession of Sir Thomas Lipton
by Laurence Brady - Find out more about the author


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This title is available as an eBook only

Born in Glasgow in 1850, Thomas Lipton was one of the world’s first global entrepreneurs. His showmanship, business flair and customer-driven focus created a chain of nationwide grocery stores and the thriving Lipton tea business, making him a multi-millionaire. One key to his success was his complete control of every business he undertook, from production to the customer.

A keen yachtsman, he mounted a British challenge against the American holders of the America’s Cup on five occasions between 1898 and 1930 but was unsuccessful each time. Yet, in the process of doing so, his fame spread around the world and his name became a byword for sportsmanship and diplomacy. What is more, Lipton’s astute association of business with a sport of international dimension established a trend that has become an accepted part of life today.

Lipton exemplified the values of competitiveness, sportsmanship, perseverance and leadership in global business. Yet until now, no biography of Lipton has brought together these strands. The advent of the America’s Cup in Europe in 2007 is the perfect time to reassess and re-evaluate the life of the man whose dream it was to wrestle the Cup from American hands.

A graduate of Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities, Laurence Brady has previously lived and worked in Italy, Spain, Russia and Australia. He has worked with many leading business figures in the UK in a fundraising and communications capacity and he is a specialist in major gift fundraising. He was the UK Head of Major Gifts for Cancer Research UK for two years when the charity was formed. In 2005 he formed Brady Associates Ltd, a funding and corporate responsibility consultancy.