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The Lowland Clearances
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History, The Clearances
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01 June 2012
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The Lowland Clearances

Scotland’s Silent Revolution 1760–1830
by Peter Aitchison - Find out more about the author

This revolution of 'improvement' helped shape the landscape we accept today as the Scottish countryside. But it also swept aside a traditional way of life, causing immense upheaval and trauma for rural dwellers, many of whom moved to the new towns and cities or emigrated. In the later eighteenth century the simple act of losing land and becoming landless was much more significant for large numbers of people in Lowland society than it was for those in the Gaelic- speaking Highlands of Scotland. The Lowland Clearances also set in train the trend of depopulation which continues to affect Scotland to this day; the number of people who left the Lowlands during the agricultural revolution far exceeded the number exiled from the Highlands.

And yet, compared to the Highlands, very little has been written or published about the Lowland Clearances. This book, based on the highly acclaimed BBC documentary series, aims to redress that imbalance. It does not deny the clearances in the Highlands and Islands but reflects pioneering historical research which establishes them as part of a wider process of clearance which affected the whole of Scotland.

Peter Aitchison worked as a news journalist with the BBC for twenty years. He currently works for Glasgow University. He has written a number of books, including Black Friday: The Eyemouth Fishing Disaster of 1881 and The Noblest Work of God

Before setting up CD Media, Andrew Cassell was the BBC's Scotland Correspondent. He presented Radio Scotand's flagship news and current affairs programme, Good Morning Scotland, and also worked for STV.

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