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The Last Wanderer
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Publication Date
01 July 2012
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Birlinn Ltd

The Last Wanderer

Available only as an eBook
by Meg Henderson - Find out more about the author


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This title is available as an eBook only

The story of several generations of a Scottish West Coast fishing community - taking us from the last century when fishermen went off to sea in rowing boats through to the present day, in which fishing vessels are electronic masterpieces. Echo sounders have now taken over from instinct, but the old traditions and superstitions still apply: family links are still strong; the same fishermens' names appear generation after generation. And the women still play their part, but no longer follow the boats from harbour to harbour to gut the fish; instead they stay at home, listening to the weather forecast on the radio, anxious about the terrors of crowded shipping lanes and the dangers of iced-up fishing gear.

Meg Henderson was born in Glasgow. She is a journalist and author of the bestselling memoir, Finding Peggy. She has also written many well-loved novels, including The Holy City, Bloody Mary, Chasing Angels, The Last Wanderer, Second Sight and Daisy's Wars.

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