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The Italian Sausage Bible
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Publication Date
02 August 2012
Out of Print
Birlinn Limited

The Italian Sausage Bible

Illustrated by Bob Dewar
by Mary Contini - Find out more about the author

From the Luganega to the Calabrese, Italian sausages come in all shapes and sizes – short and fat, long and thin, horseshoe-shaped and even circular. Sausages form an integral part of Italian culture and cuisine, and the two are inexorably linked. There is even a patron saint of sausages, Sant’ Antonio, who is always seen with a pig at his side and whose Feast Day, 17 January, is celebrated with much porcine squealing as pigs are slaughtered for the annual sausage-making festival. In this practical and humorous book, acclaimed cookery writer Mary Contini explores the Italian fascination with salsiccie, tracing its history and displaying its remarkable versatility with over 55 mouth-watering recipes, including Il Panino di San Gennaro – the best sausage roll in the world – Philip’s Fabulous Fonteluna Sugo, and Peperoni Pizza Twice!

Mary Contini grew up in East Lothian on top of her family’s Italian Cafe. She is the best-selling author of numerous books about Italian life and cooking, including Dear Francesca, Dear Olivia, Valvona & Crolla: A Year at an Italian Table. She is a Director of Valvona & Crolla, the renowned Edinburgh restaurant, delicatessen and cookery school.

Bob Dewar was first published nationally when he was sixteen, and his work has appeared in numerous book and magazines regularly since then. He has had exhibitions in Edinburgh and Italy, and for fifteen years did political and social commentary for The Scotsman.

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