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The Island of Sheep

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Publication Date
01 July 2010
Paperback (also available as an ebook)
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Birlinn Limited

The Island of Sheep

Introduction by Andrew Lownie


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'The narrative drive of his thrillers is unsurpassed.' - Evening Standard

The fifth, last and most unusual of the Hannay books, The Island of Sheep is part thriller and part meditation on nature. Having returned once again to a quiet life at Fosse Manor, Hannay’s life is shaken a final time when the son of an old acquaintance from Africa asks for his help in finishing a feud that goes back thirty years to a hilltop in Rhodesia. Accompanied by Lombard and Sandy Arbuthnot, Hannay sets out to protect the family – a trip that takes him from the England he knows to the Norlands, the Island of Sheep of the title (loosely based on the Faroe Islands where Buchan holidayed and wrote the book.

John Buchan was a Scottish diplomat, barrister, journalist, historian, poet and novelist. He published nearly 30 novels and seven collections of short stories. He was born in Perth, an eldest son, and studied at Glasgow and Oxford. In 1901 he became a barrister of the Middle Temple and a private secretary to the High Commissioner for South Africa. In 1907 he married Susan Charlotte Grosvenor and they subsequently had four children. After spells as a war correspondent, Lloyd George’s Director of Information and Conservative MP, Buchan moved to Canada in 1935. He served as Governor General there until his death in 1940.

Andrew Lownie was educated in Edinburgh. He is the author of John Buchan: The Presbyterian Cavalier, and has edited Buchan’s poetry and short stories. He lives in London where he works as a literary agent.

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