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The Iceman
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Crime, True Crime
Publication Date
29 March 2010
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Birlinn Limited

The Iceman

The Rise and Fall of a Crime Lord
by Jim Wilson and Russell Findlay - Find out more about the author


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The elite police officers secretly launching Scotland’s biggest ever offensive against organised crime had only one target. His name was Jamie Stevenson, but he was known as The Iceman, the biggest drugs trafficker the country has ever seen.
Suspected of a string of murders – including the gangland assassination of his best friend – Stevenson’s decade-long rise was built on ruthless ambition, strategic cunning and calculated, brutal violence. It left him at the head of one of Europe’s biggest smuggling operations pouring tons of drugs and guns onto the streets of Scotland.
The Iceman tells the astonishing story of Stevenson’s rise and fall, offering a unique and explosive insight into Operation Folklore, the unprecedented four-year investigation that ended in his arrest. It lays bare the blood-soaked business of Scotland’s most powerful crime lord and, for the first time, exposes how he made – and laundered – his dirty millions.

Journalists Jim Wilson and Russell Findlay have many years experience reporting crime in Scotland. They work for the Sunday Mail.


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