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The Great Map
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17 December 2007
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Birlinn Limited
342 pages of colour mapping

The Great Map

The Military Survey of Scotland 1747 – 1755

'A work of art,'  - Tom Devine, The Scotsman

'A magnificent edition...a remarkable source for the historian of eighteenth century Scotland,'  -  Brian D. Bonnyman, Eighteenth Century Scotland

William Roy surveyed the whole of Scotland, producing an immensely detailed and groundbreaking map of the country after the Jacobite rising of 1745. It had a great influence on the future of mapping, and for the first time this magnificent work has been reproduced in 342 large-format full colour pages.

In addition to the cartography, The Great Map will contain three essays by academic specialists. Dr Yolande Hodson focuses on the life of William Roy and the cartography of the map; Professor Charles Withers writes about the broader context of mapping in 18th-century Scotland and Britain, and mapping in the Enlightenment, while Chris Tabraham supplies the detail of the historical and military background.

Casebound in real cloth within a protective slip case. Includes introductory essays and 346 pages of colour mapping.

Special limited numbered edition.

The two sample pages below are in pdf format. These can be opened with Adobe Acrobat reader which can be downloaded for free here. This works for both Macs and PCs.

First sample page

Second sample page