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The Cannae Sutra

Publication Date
05 November 2006
Available for Sale
Birlinn Limited
Age Range
21st Century

The Cannae Sutra

The Scots 'Joy of Sex'
by Rupert Besley - Find out more about the author

‘A stimulating read’ – The Auchernach Free Post & Advertiser

‘Deeply disturbing’ – Auchintoul Gazette

‘An accursed, dorty, reeky, drochlin, houremongerin, shaan abomination of a book’ – Cluanie Thunderer

‘Ban this book’ – Inchgrundle Times

‘Ceased trading’– Ardteatle News

‘Manky, mawkit and downright clarty. My wife loved it!’ – Editor, The Dunfankle Free Press

Birds do it.
Bees do it.
Scots – um . . .
Well do they?

All is revealed (well, not quite all – this is Scotland) in The Cannae Sutra, a ground-breaking exposé of the nation’s best-kept secrets. Sex, it seems, is not what coal is delivered in in Morningside. The nation’s best-kept bedroom secrets are laid bare in this full frontal, no-holds barred (but by no means serious) peek at what is under the kilt, on every Scotsman’s mind and can be induced by too much Irn Bru and porridge. Just make sure you know your houtie-croutie from you elbuck before embarking upon a bout of houghmagandy.

The book contains previously unpublished historical material along with helpful advice on ticklish subjects. Topics covered include: techniques, positions, rubberwear, bondage, group sex, sheep love, Scottish porn, secrets of the sporran, FAQs of Life, shortbread fingers, Gaelic symbols, cybersex, curling and socks.

Rupert Besley has worked for 25 years as a freelance cartoonist illustrating books and drawing postcards of people not enjoying their holidays. His work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Punch, Private Eye, The Oldie, and Country Life. He has written and illustrated a number of books of his own, including the bestselling Scotland for Beginners.