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01 May 2014
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The Swinging Sporran

A Lighthearted Guide to the Basic Steps of Scottish Reels and Country Dances
by Andrew Campbell and Roddy Martine - Find out more about the author

‘A must for all enthusiastic sporran swingers’ – Scotland Magazine

Song and dance are at the very centre of any nation’s culture and are said to represent the innermost character of a people. The whirling, dashing and spinning of the classic Scottish reels are no exception. Here, Roddy Martine and Andrew Campbell provide a lighthearted guide to the basic steps of Scottish reels and country dances, all broken down into bullet points and illustrated with easy-to-follow diagrams.

With further, indisposable hints on the social niceties of reeling, the conventions of the dance and the timetable of the Scottish social season, The Swinging Sporran is a hilarious companion to anyone who ventures into the social world north of the border.

Roddy Martine has written a large number of books on Scottish life, encompassing Scotch whisky, clans and tartans, interiors and biographies. In addition he contributes to a wide range of newspapers, and is associate editor of Caledonia Magazine.

Andrew Campbell was born and brought up in Muir of Ord, Ross-shire. He is director of Ashridge Strategic Management Centre, visiting professor at City University Business School and author of ten books on business strategy.

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