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Stref (Stephen White) and Fin Cramb

Stref (Stephen White) and Fin Cramb

Stephen White (‘Stref’) is an Edinburgh-based illustrator, writer, and comic book artist. For a number of years he worked for DC Thomson on The Dandy, The Beano, The Broons and Oor Wullie. His first graphic novel, MILK+ was published in 2010 and was followed by Raising Amy in 2011. He also illustrated The Tattoo Fox written by Alasdair Hutton.

Getting to know: Stref (Stephen White)
1.       Do you have a favourite character in the book? Peter Pan.
2.       What is your favourite scene or moment in the book?  Peter on rock dying, and being brave, 'To die would be an awfully big adventure.'
3.       What inspired you to become an illustrator/colourist? Reading my uncles' old Tintin and Oor Wullie books at my Granny's house.
4.       What keeps you motivated? The drive to escape reality.
5.       What’s your favourite book, and why? Peter Pan, it got me young, and has had a grip ever since.
6.       Do you have a routine when you’re writing (i.e. silence, a particular genre of music, only working in the morning, only working in your underpants?) No, inspiration comes inexplicably, without reason, and at any time. I kept the window open for the duration of drawing Peter Pan...and listened to lots of Radiohead.
7.       What’s the best experience you’ve had while writing (drawing)? The work itself can be solitary, I like the public events...they can be good fun, and get me out the house!
8.       If you weren’t a writer/illustrator, what would you be? In reality, probably a shelf stacker in a supermarket...but in fantasy, I would be making movies.
9.       What one thing would improve your life? Maybe a  girlfriend.
10.   Where would you like to be right now, anywhere in the world? False Bay, South Africa.
11.   If you could swap lives with one of your characters, who would you choose and why? Peter...then I could fly to False Bay, South Africa for free!
12.   Which authors/illustrators do you particularly admire? A big mixed bag of both... Artists: Georges Remi (Herge), Winsor McCay, Moebius, Barry Windsor Smith, Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes, Frank Miller, Dave Gibbons... Witers: J M Barrie, William Shakespeare, J K Rowling, Stephen King, Ian Banks...

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