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18 April 2013
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The Spirit of Success

How to Connect Your Heart to Your Head in Work and Life
by Norman Drummond - Find out more about the author


eBook also available from the iBookstore

Who are you?
Why are you living and working in the way that you are?
What might you yet become and do with your life?

The answer to these three fundamental questions lie at the heart of this revolutionary guide to changing the way we live and work. If we work with our heart as well as our head, we can get beyond simply functioning to realise our true potential. We will discover the things in life which make us feel whole, excited, creative and motivated. In touch with our humanity, we will become better leaders too – more inspirational, more visionary, more understanding. Introducing us to the invaluable principles and practices which can redefine our lives – as they have countless others – Norman Drummond gives meaning and purposes back to our working lives – and connect us to the true spirit of success.

In 1997 Norman Drummond founded Columba 1400, the UK’s first ever purpose-built International Leader Centre, specialising helping young people from underprivileged backgrounds to become leaders. Formerly a headteacher and BBC governor, he is in great demand with top politicians and business executives worldwide. He is MD of the Edinburgh-based Drummond International.

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