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22 August 2013
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Songs in the Key of Fife

The Intertwining Stories of The Beta Band, King Creosote, KT Tunstall, James Yorkston and the Fence Collective
by Vic Galloway - Find out more about the author


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'A remarkable insight into the pitfalls of the music industry… I'd go so far as to say it's essential reading for any young musician in Scotland thinking about trying to make a go of it – not least for the rude awakening it may offer before their dreams are shattered. But it also shows how success can be achieved against seemingly insurmountable odds' – the Scotsman

‘A great read for any up and coming artist determined to make a go of it’ – The Scots magazine

‘DJ turned author Galloway does a superb job of documenting the lives of these artists, misfits and ‘heads’, not least because he is a Fife lad himself’ – Mojo

The East Neuk of Fife may seem like an unusual place for a musical revolution. However, in amongst the sleepy fishing villages and rolling fields, a small community of gifted musicians has quietly crept up on the world. From psychedelic troubadours the Beta Band to the mult-million-selling KT Tunstall, acclaimed singer-songwriter James Yorkston and the reigning monarch and lynchpin of the Fence Collective, King Creosote, Songs in the Key of Fife plots the unique, intertwining tales of these Fifers from their schooldays to the present day. This fascinating story, full of personal anecdotes and insights, provides an in-depth look at a unique collective of musicians who have experienced the extreme highs and the desperate lows of the music business over 20 years and why this craggy outpost on the east coast of Scotland is responsible for providing us with so many talented artists.

Vic Galloway is a BBC Radio broadcaster and TV presenter whose radio programmes have been broadcast for more than a decade on Radio
1, Radio Scotland and 6 Music. He has presented the T in the Park coverage and other music shows and documentaries for BBC1 and 2, and his
music journalism has appeared in a number of publications, including The Times and the Herald. Vic is also a musician and member of the Fence
Collective, having grown up in the village of Kingsbarns in the East Neuk of Fife. As a childhood friend of many members of the Fence Collective, he is
well placed to tell this fascinating story with personal insights and anecdotes.