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Crime & Mystery, Thriller
Publication Date
27 February 2009
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by Allan Guthrie - Find out more about the author

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’I’m a big fan’ Ian Rankin

’Those who enjoy the darker side of the genre are in for some serious thrills with this’ Laura Wilson, The Guardian

’A book as inventive and groundbreaking as it is magnificently written...a superb novel that will leave you thinking hard about life for a long time afterwards, and there’s not much higher praise than that’ Doug Johnstone, The Scotsman

’If Guthrie had an American equivalent, it would be the incomparable James Ellroy. His world is dark, action-filled, rough and ready and his new novel SLAMMER is another walk on the wild side, as a young prison officer takes flak from all quarters and is obliged to assist a group of cons in a job that can only lead to more trouble. You can almost visualise the movie already’ Maxim Jakubowski
Young prison officer Nicholas Glass is finding the stresses of the job increasingly hard to handle. Bullied and abused by inmates and colleagues alike, every day is getting longer than the one before. When a group of cons use outside help to threaten his wife and daughter, Glass agrees to help them out with a ‘favour’. But, as their threats escalate, and one favour leads to another, Glass grows ever closer to breaking point.

And when glass breaks, it shatters . . .

Allan Guthrie was born in Orkney and now lives in Edinburgh with his wife, Donna. He has published several short stories in a variety of magazines and anthologies. Allan is webmaster/editor of Noir Originals, commissioning editor for both Pulp Originals and PointBlank Press, and a literary agent. Award nominations: CWA Debut Dagger, MWA Edgar Award, Mystery Ink Gumshoe Award and Anthony Award.

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Slammer from Darren McNaney on Vimeo.

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