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Silver: An Aberdeen Anthology
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14 May 2009
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Silver: An Aberdeen Anthology

by Alan Spence, Hazel Hutchison - Find out more about the author

This book of poems about Aberdeen includes work by Edwin Morgan, Iain Crichton Smith, Thomas Hardy, Lord Byron, Stuart Conn, Sheena Blackhall, and many other writers old and new.

Aberdeen is known as the city of granite, the city of oil, the city of fish, and the city of high house-prices, but Aberdeen has many different faces – some of them charming, and some of them severe. This collection of poems explores the life and culture of the city as seen by poets through the centuries, from Norse and Medieval views of Aberdeen to previously unpublished poems by contemporary writers.

Alan Spence is a distinguished novelist, poet, short-story writer and dramatist.  He was named Scottish Writer of the Year in 1996 and won the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Award in 2006. He is known for his novels, such as The Pure Land (Canongate, 2006), The Magic Flute and Way to Go, and his collections of haiku Glasgow Zen and Clear Light. He is also Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Aberdeen.

Hazel Hutchison lectures in English at the University of Aberdeen. She has written about Henry James and many other Victorian and early twentieth-century authors. Her latest book is Teach Yourself Writing Essays and Dissertations (Hodder, 2007).  She recently edited Mary Borden’s The Forbidden Zone (Hesperus, 2008), and she is currently researching American writing of the First World War.