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The Shadow of the Black Earl

Crime & Mystery, Fiction
Publication Date
06 September 2018
Paperback (also available as an ebook)
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Birlinn Ltd

The Shadow of the Black Earl

A Leo Moran Murder Mystery
by Charles E. McGarry - Find out more about the author


eBook also available from the iBookstore

'Scots crime writer McGarry returns with his second novel in the Leo Moran mystery series. His entertaining follow-up sees a mourning Moran encountering visions at a southern Scotland estate after a local girl goes missing. Well written and thrilling'  Daily Record

‘Charles E McGarry has sent Leo Moran, private detective and seer of visions, deep into the glorious Galloway countryside in his brilliantly quirky new novel. Both Galloway and the book deserve a wider audience’  Scottish Daily Mail

‘This new murder mystery willkeep you guessing. The author creates characters that are refreshingly different while effortlessly weaving Scottish history into this book, making for an intriguing narrative. Delightfully vivid’  Scottish Field

‘A captivating murder mystery novel that keeps you guessing and racing through to get to the end faster than a game of Cluedo. A riveting, gothic-esque novel that delights in grabbing you by the hand and pulling you along. Thrillers tend to follow-the same formula and it’s enjoyable to read one that strays off the well-trodden path’  Dundee Courier

Haunted by his last case and bereaved by a sudden loss, Leo Moran is invited to spend the summer at Biggnarbriggs Hall, the stately residence of his friend Fordyce Greatorix. He is overjoyed when romance blossoms unexpectedly, but he finds himself plagued by visions after a local girl goes missing, an incident which has chilling echoes of a similar disappearance thirty years previously. As he investigates a host of curious and dubious characters, Leo finds that the very bedrock which surrounds Biggnarbriggs Hall is poisoned by an ancient malevolence that will have its terrible reckoning.

Charles E. McGarry studied History and Politics at the University of Glasgow, graduating in 1994. He has lived in London and Edinburgh, and in 2012 he co-wrote The Road to Lisbon with Martin Greig. He lives in Glasgow where he was born and bred, and works in the newspaper industry. His previous book in the series is The Ghost of Helen Addison (Polygon, 2017).

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