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Publication Date
16 June 2015
Paperback (also available as an eBook)
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b/w illustrations throughout

The Secret Dog

illustrated by Tim Archbold
by Joe Friedman - Find out more about the author


eBook also available from the iBookstore

'How I wish I was an 8 year old child discovering The Secret Dog for the first time, this is a delightful book for younger children’; ‘Thought-provoking and stimulating’; '*****' – Newbooks Magazine Summer Reading Special

'This is a wonderful story about a boy's determination and very hard work to make his dream come true. It's about standing up to bullies, and knowing when to stop' – Bookwitch

‘This is a compelling story’; ‘The story has great pace and the ending is satisfying but not over the top – things are just as they should be. It left a smile on my face for days' – Books in My House

'Relevant to modern society, this charming tale should be well received by the 8+ age group at which it is aimed, holding their attention right up to the end of this charming tale' – Scottish Home & Country

'Perfect for younger readers, this heartwarming tale has lovely illustrations' – Scottish Field

After the death of his mother, eleven-year-old Josh goes to live with his uncle, Calum, who has a farm on a remote island. Uprooted and lonely, Josh finds solace in his love of animals. So one day, when he finds a tiny Border collie pup left to drown in the river, he decides to rescue it and keep it as his own. But money is scarce and a dog that can’t earn her keep would not be welcome by Calum, and Josh must raise his new friend, Reggae, in secret.

As the pup grows and demands more attention, Josh’s schoolwork suffers, despite the help of the local vet’s daughter, Yvonne. Josh must decide as well what to do with Raggae – he cannot keep her hidden forever – and decides that he will train her for the local sheepdog trials. But the training is tough and time-consuming. Can Josh and Reggae bring it off in time? All is going well until someone discovers Josh’s secret and will stop at nothing to ruin their chances . . .

Joe Friedman, born in Chicago, has lived in London for many years, where he divides his time between writing and practising psychotherapy. He is author of the children’s series Boobela’s World, and is actively involved in running creative workshops for children in the 7–11 age range.

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