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Scottish Life and Society Volume 14: Bibliography

History, Scottish Life & Society Series
John Donald
Publication Date
09 March 2006
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Scottish Life and Society Volume 14: Bibliography

A Compendium of Scottish Ethnology Volume 14
by Alexander Fenton, Editor(s) - Find out more about the author

The need for a Bibliography for Scottish Ethnology, to serve national as well as international purposes, has long been felt. This present compilation, primarily of Scottish but with some comparative material, makes a substantial contribution to the resources available as guides to research and teaching. Since it has to do with every aspect of human life, the interaction of indivisuals with families and communities, regions and state, and the physical and mental environments of past and present times, Scottish ethnology is especially well-suited for research into questions of national identity, and must be seen as a ’national’ subject (like the study of Scottish history, or Scottish language).

Because the subject is a relatively recent one, it is still searching for its specifically Scottish parameters with the wider traditions of European, and also American, ethnology. Writings of an ethnological nature are still confined to the works of a handful of scholars. These are covered in the Bibliography. It has, however, also been necessary to include a large number of entries, under appropriately classified headings, as aids to ethnological research. It is particularly in this area that the Bibliography for Scottish Ethnology will assist in developing the subject and also bringing it to the attention of a greater number of scholars and others interested in the discipline.

Though each volume tells a complete story in itself, and can stand on its own feet, the full role of Scottish Life and Society will become increasingly apparent as the volumes are published. It will set a cultural benchmark for the beginning of a new millennium, of immense value to educationists and to all who are interested in learning more about what had led up to the making of Scottish society as it is today.


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