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Scotland's Secret History

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07 September 2017
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Scotland's Secret History

The Illicit Distilling and Smuggling of Whisky
by Charles MacLean - Find out more about the author

'The end result is, like a good Scotch whisky, something to be savoured and enjoyed, rather than consumed in a single gulp' – Undiscovered Scotland

Illicit distilling in Scotland was seen as a ‘right of man’ at the end of the 17th century. Attempts to enforce excise duty on the spirit were therefore met with resistance, ranging from riots to more and more ingenious ways of avoiding paying tax.

In this book and Charles MacLean and Daniel MacCannell give a fascinating insight into the day-to-day struggles that led to the increase in illicit distilling from the mid-1600s, then to its eventual demise in the early twentieth century. The Cabrach, a wild and sparsely populated part of Aberdeenshire, became renowned for its production of illicit whisky. Local inhabitants mixed farming and distilling with great skill, creating a network of stills and distribution to evade customs. Using new research first-hand historical accounts and official records, the authors show how spirits from this small parish were made and travelled far and wide, across the border to England and across the North Sea to France, firing up revolution and lending solidarity to the struggles of the Jacobites.

Features: 'Making Whisky' (Dennis McBain), 'The Jacobite Legacy' (Murray Pittock), 'The Bard and the Bottle' (David Purdie), 'The Dram In Folklore' (Tom McKean), 'A Smuggler’s Paradise' (David Ferguson); 'Banff – The Smuggler’s Royal Burgh' (Jay Wilson), 'Scotland’s Lost Distilleries' (Brian Townsend).

Charles MacLean is a world authority on whisky and has written over 35 books on the subject, including the bestselling Whiskypedia. In 2009 he was elected Keeper of the Quaich, the whisky industry’s highest accolade.

Daniel MacCannell, a graduate of Aberdeen University and UCLA Film School, is a widely published non-fiction writer. He is the author of How To Read Scottish Buildings and Oxford: Mapping the City.

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