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Savage Night
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Crime & Mystery, eBook Only, Thriller
Publication Date
02 March 2009
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Birlinn Limited

Savage Night

by Allan Guthrie - Find out more about the author

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Praise for Savage Night

’A black comedy akin to the work of Christopher Brookmyre and Douglas Lindsay… If you have a robust sense of humour, you’ll love this’ – The Observer

’Guthrie does mayhem and character, which puts him nearer a darker Brookmyre. Entertaining, funny, silly and smart’ – The Herald

’The best noir writer in the country...easily the match for America’s finest in the genre’ – The Scotsman

’A masterful exercise in pulp storytelling’ – The List

’Savage Night is noir fiction at its best’ – Eurocrime

Praise for Allan Guthrie

‘I’m a big fan’ – Ian Rankin

’Dark, twisted, violent, and brilliant’ – Stuart MacBride, author of Dying Light

’Allan Guthrie is a bare-knuckle storyteller with a twinkle in his eye and a knife in his boot’ – Sean Doolittle, author of The Clean-up

’Guthrie writes with an urgency, energy, cynical realism and mastery of casual violence that is rarely encountered in British crime writing’ – Sunday Times

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Read an extract . . .

How much blood would you spill to avenge those you love? What if you’re a blithe haemophobic psychopathic ex-con from Edinburgh? Andy Park thinks he’s discovered a way to make a care worker pay for his ill-treatment of Park’s brain-damaged wife, Liz. But Park isn’t prepared for the fall-out. Because in Park’s world, when things go wrong, they go spectacularly wrong. Before long, Park’s teenage son is in mortal danger, his daughter and her fiancé are cutting up corpses, and Old Mrs Yardie’s country cottage has been requisitioned for the purposes of kidnapping an erstwhile tobacco smuggler.

And yet Park’s world is a bed of roses in comparison to Tommy Savage’s. Savage is being blackmailed by a masked man known only as Mr Smith – for what, he has no idea. A near-fatal accident in an abandoned apartment results in Tommy and his brother, Phil, heading to a graveyard with only a couple of swords and a bag of cash for company.

Will they survive the night? Will anyone?

Allan Guthrie was born in Orkney and now lives in Edinburgh with his wife, Donna. He has published several short stories in a variety of magazines and anthologies. Allan is webmaster/editor of Noir Originals, commissioning editor for both Pulp Originals and PointBlank Press, and a literary agent. Visit his website at

Listen to Allan talk about Savage Night in this exclusive video clip about the book.


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