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A Richness of Martens

Natural History
Publication Date
05 July 2018
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Birlinn Ltd
16pp colour plates; b/w line drawings

A Richness of Martens

Wildlife Tales from Ardnamurchan
Introduction by John Lister-Kaye
Illustrated by Sharon Tingey
by Polly Pullar - Find out more about the author

Long-Listed for the Highland Book Prize 2019

’Entertaining, informative and includes findings about martens that challenge previous understandings. A demonstration that you can embrace and enjoy wildlife anywhere’ – West Coast Review

When Les and Chris Humphreys moved to Ardnamurchan 15 years ago, little did they realise they would be sharing their home with some of Britain’s most elusive and misunderstood mustelids. Amongst all the animals and birds that visit their garden, they have formed a special bond with numerous pine martens, and have studied them and a cast of other creatures at close range through direct observation and via sensoroperated cameras.

Naturalist and photographer Polly Pullar has known the Humphreys and their pine martens for many years. In this book she tells the remarkable story of the couple and their animal friends, interpolating it with natural history, anecdote and her own experiences of the wildlife of the area. The result is a fascinating glimpse into the life of a much misunderstood animal and a passionate portrait of one of Scotland’s richest habitats – the oakwoods of Scotland’s Atlantic seaboard.

Polly Pullar grew up in Ardnamurchan, surrounded by wildlife. In addition to being a field naturalist, wildlife guide and wildlife rehabilitator she is also photographer and journalist, and contributes to a wide selection of magazines. She is currently wildlife writer for Scottish Field and is the author of a number of books.

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