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The Railway Atlas of Scotland

Cartography, History
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15 October 2015
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The Railway Atlas of Scotland

Two Hundred Years of History in Maps
by David Spaven - Find out more about the author

'Richly detailed maps, some of which are works of art in their own right, sit alongside deceptively simple maps. Taken together they tell a powerful story and provide an invaluable addition to the rail enthusiast's bookshelf... The depth of [David Spaven's] knowledge informs the commentary and adds to the enjoyment of this magnificent book' – Farming Scotland

'[S]crumptious must-buy' – Bookseller

'Even a seasoned enthusiast will have much to learn from this one. Superbly designed and attractively presented, this is a brilliant, fresh and inspirational approach to the subject of Scottish railways' – Heritage Railways

'This is a volume that can be dipped into from time to time, and on each occasion anyone with an interest in railways north of the border will find something informative and entertaining to read' – Railways Illustrated

The rich diversity of Scotland’s railway network has never before been the subject of a specialist atlas. This book showcases 181 topographical and railway maps, telling the story of the country’s railways from the early nineteenth century to the present day. Researched and written by David Spaven – who co-wrote the best-selling Mapping the Railways on the history of Britain’s rail network – this beautiful atlas allows the reader to understand the bigger story of the effects of the railway on the landscape and the impact of Scotland’s distinctive geography on the pattern of railway development over a period of nearly two hundred years.
The unique map selection is supported by an informative commentary on key cartographic, geographical and historical features, and will appeal not just to railway enthusiasts and those who appreciate the beauty of maps, but also to readers fascinated by the role of railways in Scottish history.

David Spaven was born and brought up in Edinburgh, and has lived and worked in Edinburgh, Inverness, London and Glasgow. He has spent his whole working life in and around the rail industry and is the author of a number of acclaimed railway books, including Mapping the Railways (Times Books, 2011), Britain’s Scenic Railways (Times Books, 2012) and Waverley Route: the battle for the Borders Railway (Argyll Publishing, 2015).