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Piping Traditions of the Outer Isles

Traditional Music
John Donald
Publication Date
01 August 2013
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Piping Traditions of the Outer Isles

of the West Coast of Scotland
by Bridget Mackenzie - Find out more about the author

This is the fifth and last book in the piping traditions series and covers the Outer Isles from Mingulay to Lewis. Written for all piping enthusiasts, this is not an academic study but instead aims to pass on the piping lore that used to be handed down with the music to piping pupils, but is no longer. Written in a light and readable style, the book takes a wide sweep of the pipers, places and piping stories of the islands, including many renowned 20th-century pipers such as ‘Wee Donald’ MacLeod and the Peters MacLeod, as well as pipers from the 18th and 19th centuries. Old Gaelic poems about pipers give a glimpse of piping in the Uists and Benbecula in the 18th century. Notes on the tunes also give guidance to the mood of a piece. This book is essential reading for any piper who wants to know about the background of the music.

Bridget Mackenzie gained a degree from the University of Oxford and an MLitt from the University of Glasgow, where she became a lecturer in Old Norse. She published a number of articles and other books on piping, including Piping Traditions of the North of Scotland, Piping Traditions of Argyll, and Piping Traditions of the Isle of Skye. She received a Saltire Society award for her contribution to the understanding of Highland culture. Bridget passed away in 2014.


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