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Peaks and Troughs

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Publication Date
20 October 2016
Hardback (also available as an eBook)
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Birlinn Ltd
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Peaks and Troughs

In at the Deep End, High in the Hills



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'I think it is beautifully written, very evocative, very engaging, not judgemental … I’m enjoying it so much, very warm hearted’ – Jonathan Ross

'Peaks and Troughs is a young man’s book, written plainly, without philosophy or grand rationalisation, without rancour, without nostalgia, and without that deadly ironic humour which older men often bring to their younger selves. It’s a simple book, whose narrative contours seem to match the experience it relates and the landscape in which it happens. A perfect Christmas present' – The National

'a fun and light hearted account of village life in a rural setting, and there are many occasions where you will laugh. As well as rooting for these brothers to succeed'; 'I found this read enchanting, evocative, warm and honest. With a steady infusion of personality I was immersed into the life of pig and sheep farming in North Wales' – Radio 2 Book Club reviews

Peaks and Troughs is the story of a naïve young man who is initiated into adulthood through the harsh reality of having to survive in the material world. Despite the hardships, he never loses his belief that there is an alternative way to farm that is sympathetic to the earth and the animals in his care. His neighbours never take him seriously and try to undermine his efforts as he struggles against the elements and nagging self-doubt, but he carries on, no matter how close to the edge he and his family get.

This is a warm-hearted, humorous and ultimately inspirational tale of a young man’s attempt to run an organic farm in the unforgiving Welsh hills.

Nick Perry spent his childhood in Dorset, out in the countryside daydreaming most of the time. He was educated at Parkstone Sea Training School before leaving for London where he worked for ATV Television. He travelled around Europe moving from job to job until he came into money. On impulse he bought a hill farm in North Wales, some experiences of which form the backdrop to Peaks and Troughs. He lives with his wife Arabella in the Wiltshire countryside where he spends his time writing, walking and listening to classical music.

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