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Publication Date
04 July 2013
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Midnight in Havana


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‘[An] intriguing debut by Canadian lawyer turned crime writer Peggy Blair . . . the fascinating setting serves not just as an excuse for some atmospheric writing, but is also used to great effect to further the plot . . . On my list of top talents to watch for 2014 and beyond’ – Marina Sofia, reviewer for Crime Fiction Lover

‘A thrilling and engrossing mystery that uses the intrigue of a communist Cuba setting to add not only an interesting backdrop but real jeopardy to the investigation. A fantastic start to what I hope will be a long series’ – Bookbag

'[A] top notch police procedural [. . .] This book not only excels in its depiction of the place but also in the structure and flow of the plot' – Bookaholic blog

An excellent near-impossible set-up which has the readers wondering throughout the story, plus lashings of what seems to me very authentic Cuban atmosphere. A visual, auditive treat, and an engaging Cuban cop who can see dead people – findingtimetowrite wordpress

'honestly a page-turned' – ireadnovels blogspot

'All the ingredients of the best detective novels' – Scotland on Sunday

‘Peggy Blair knows the human costs of crime, and she marries this knowledge to a gripping plot in a great new series kick-off . . . Passion, corruption, danger: it’s a Cuba-set mystery that satisfyingly delivers all the compelling characteristics of its setting’ – Andrew Pyper, author of The Guardians

‘I have a penchant for smart, dark, literary crime fiction, and The Beggar’s Opera is all of that: an excellent book’ – Alan Guthrie, author of Two-Way Split

In beautiful, crumbling Old Havana, Canadian detective Mike Ellis hopes the sun and sand will help save his troubled marriage. He doesn’t yet know that it’s dead in the water – much like the little Cuban boy last seen begging the Canadian couple for a few pesos. For Inspector Ricardo Ramirez, head of the Major Crimes Unit of the Cuban National Revolutionary Police, finding his prime suspect isn’t a problem – Cuban law is. He has only seventy-two hours to secure an indictment and prevent a vicious killer from leaving the island. But Ramirez has his own troubles. He’s dying of the same illness that killed his grandmother, an incurable disease that makes him see the ghosts of victims of unsolved murders. As he races against time, the dead haunt his every step.

Peggy Blair has practised law for more than thirty years, working as both a criminal defence lawyer and Crown prosecutor, and is a former member of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.