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07 August 2014
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The Maggie

by James Dillon White - Find out more about the author


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Mactaggart is the rascally skipper of the puffer The Maggie, a flimsy rust-bucket which hauls freight up and down the west coast of Scotland. When wealthy American businessman Calvin B. Marshall, General Overseas Manager of World-International Airways, wants to transport a precious cargo to his newly bought mansion on Kiltarra in the Western Isles, Mactaggart manages to trick Marshall’s agent into hiring The Maggie for £300, a sum that might be useful for some much-needed repairs.

Marshall learns that his valuable cargo is at risk in a vessel that’s less than seaworthy, he does all in his power to have the valuable cargo transferred to a more reliable vessel. What Marshall is not prepared for is the wily Mactaggart’s sly delaying tactics and crafty machinations.

What follows is a hilarious and unexpected journey that will have unforeseen consequences for everyone involved . . .

James Dillon White was the pseudonym of Stanley White (1913–1978). As an author he was best known for his novels featuring Roger Kelso, of the Bombay Marine, set in the Indian Ocean during the during the British Raj, and the Sebastian Kettle spy novels.