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The Legacy of Rome
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14 May 2015
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The Legacy of Rome

Scotland's Roman Remains
by Lawrence Keppie - Find out more about the author

'A sound and judicious introduction to the entire subject of the Roman occupation of Northern Britain' ­ – British Archaeological News

As an outpost of empire, Scotland played a significant, if unusual, role in the Roman world. The south and east were occupied intermittently from AD 79 to the early third century, while the north and west remained outside Roman control, though certainly not beyond its influence. The conquest was therefore incomplete in Scotland, and military occupation was not followed up by a period of peaceful development; no towns were built, and surviving remains are of camps and forts for the most part.

Despite this, the Romans left an important imprint on Scotland. Much documentary evidence sheds light on the native population and archaeological research has led to detailed understanding of the range and distribution of the forts and other sites, and aerial photography has made possible a number of discoveries, filled gaps in our knowledge and opened new avenues of enquiries.

In this revised edition of his highly praised book, Lawrence Keppie sets out the various stages of Roman occupation in their historical context and shows how literary and archaeological evidence can be used to build up a picture of the Roman period. A detailed gazetteer introduces all the major Scottish sites and includes photographs and detailed plans.

Lawrence Keppie was born in Glasgow and educated there and at Oxford. He is Curator of Archaeology at the Hunterian Museum at Glasgow University and Professor of Roman History and Archaeology. He contributes regularly to academic journals and has written a number of books, including The Making of the Roman Army (1984) and Understanding Roman Inscriptions (1991).