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Last Orders at Harrods
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01 March 2006
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Last Orders at Harrods

by Michael Holman - Find out more about the author


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This title is available as an eBook only

‘a highly entertaining account of how people make the best of living in sub-Saharan Africa. Holman was the Financial Times correspondent in Nairobi and knows what he is talking about' – Alexander McCall Smith, The Herald Books of the Year

‘A gutsy tale . . . sure to delight fans of Alexander McCall Smith’ – Mail on Sunday

‘Beyond doubt the funniest and most profound novel I have read about Africa in many, many years . . . Read this book’ – Worldview Magazine

‘What a delight!’ – Hawkes Bay Today

How dare a London store, no matter how big and famous, claim exclusive use of the first name of Charity Mupanga’s late father, Harrods Tangwenya, gardener to successive British high commissioners for nearly twenty years?

Charity Mupanga is the widowed owner of Harrods International Bar (and Nightspot) – a favourite meeting place for the movers and shakers of Kibera. While she can handle most challenges, from an erratic supply of Worcestershire sauce, the secret ingredient in her cooking, to the political tensions in East Africa’s most notorious slum and a cholera outbreak that follows the freak floods in the state of Ubuntu, some threatening letters from London lawyers are beginning to overwhelm her.

Well-meant but inept efforts to foil the lawyers by Edward Furniver, a former fund manager who runs Kibera’s co-operative bank and who seeks Charity’s hand in marriage, bring Harrods International Bar to the brink of disaster, and Charity close to despair. In the nick of time an accidental riot, triggered by the visit to the slum of World Bank President Hardwick Hardwicke, coupled with some quick thinking by Titus Ntoto, the 14-year-old leader of Kibera’s toughest gang, the Mboya Boys United Football Club, help Charity – and Harrods – to triumph in the end.

Michael Holman was brought up in Zimbabwe. He was Africa editor of the London Financial Times from 1984 until 2002; between 1977 and 1984 he was the Financial Times’ Africa correspondent, based in Lusaka, Zambia. He is also the author of Fatboy and the Dancing Ladies.