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Land of Mountain and Flood

History, Natural History
Publication Date
26 October 2017
Not Yet Published
Birlinn Limited
Colour illustrations, maps, diagrams

Land of Mountain and Flood

The Geology and Landforms of Scotland
by Alan McKirdy, John Gordon, Roger Crofts - Find out more about the author
'Beautifully produced and richly illustrated' – The Herald

'Big and beautifully illustrated, this book is rigorous yet lucid, and written with patriotic pride – a work of more than scientific importance, *****' – The Scotsman

'It is hard to praise this book enough for its satisfying melding of the geological history and structure of Scotland with human prehistory, the history of geological science, and pressing societal concerns' – Geoscientist

'A must for anyone who has spent time in Scotland’s great outdoors wondering at the landscape...before you can even begin on the text you will be captivated by the stunning photographs' – Scottish Wildlife Magazine

Scotland is justly famed for its wonderful scenery of mountains, lochs, islands, wild rocky places and sandy beaches. All this is evidence of an exciting geographical history which began 3,500 million years ago and is still continuing. The sheer diversity of Scotland’s landforms are the physical reminders of a fascinating journey through time. They reveal that the land that makes up Scotland today has travelled the world, and has not always even belonged to one single continental landmass.

In Land of Mountain and Flood three eminent Earth scientists explain Scotland’s place in the geological history of the planet, unravelling and explaining the present-day landscape and how it came to be the way it is. Containing an array of detailed information presented in clear, comprehensible language and enhanced throughout with specially commissioned illustrations, diagrams and photographs, this is an essential book for anyone interested in the world around them.

Alan McKirdy has worked in conservation for over thirty years. He has edited and written many popular books on geology and related topics and has helped to promote the study of environmental geology in Scotland. He is currently Head of Information at Scottish Natural Heritage.

John Ewart Gordon is an Earth scientist with Scottish Natural Heritage and has worked in Earth heritage conservation and environmental management for many years. He is an Honorary Professor in the School of Geography and Geosciences at the University of St Andrews and has written widely about the landforms and glaciation of Scotland and modern glaciers elsewhere.

Roger Crofts CBE FRSE FRSGS is an environmental and management adviser who has written and lectured extensively on Scotland’s environment. He was Chief Executive of Scottish Natural Heritage from 1992 to 2002, and is a Visiting Professor of Geoscience at the University of Edinburgh and an Honorary Professor of Geography at the University of Aberdeen.

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