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Journeys in the Wilderness

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Publication Date
01 November 2009
Paperback (also available as an eBook)
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Birlinn Limited

Journeys in the Wilderness

Includes My Boyhood and Youth; First Summer in the Sierra; Stickeen; Travels in Alaska


eBook also available at the iBookstore

'An exemplary collection of writings ... classics of naturalist writing,' - The Herald

‘It was after reading John Muir that I fell under his spell. The quality of the man...came out in his writing’ – Elisabeth Inglis, Scotsman Weekend

John Muir was born at Dunbar, Scotland in 1838, and emigrated to America in 1849, where he is still revered as ‘Father of the National Parks’ and ‘Herald of the Conservation Movement’.

A true Renaissance man, Muir was: inventor, mountaineer, explorer, botanist, geologist, nature-writer and environmental campaigner; many would add: Christian-mystic, visionary and wilderness-sage. His writings are the fountain-head from which the American conservation movement erupted, setting the agenda, the ethos and the argument for the creation of a vast National Park system. Muir did more than simply describe the grizzly bears, the giant redwoods and luminous landscapes of California’s High Sierra; as the founder of the Sierra Club, his endless campaigns saved them for all posterity.

This new selection includes Muir’s finest autobiographical books: The Story of My Boyhood and Youth and My First Summer in the Sierra along with the best of his climbing and conservation essays from: The Mountains of California, Our National Parks, The Yosemite and Steep Trails.

It offers a rounded portrait of Muir as a giant of American letters; of a visionary, whose passionate defence of ‘everything that is Wild’, still reverberates through today’s environmental movement, inspiring new generations of activists and all who love the natural world.


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