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03 April 2014
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by Jake Wallis Simons - Find out more about the author


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‘Simons’s charm lies in the loving attention he devotes to his characters’ – The Herald

‘Jake Wallis Simons homes in on the motorway like a modern Dante’ – Telegraph

‘Jake Wallis Simons’ bold and perceptive state-of-the-nation novel is like a ticking time bomb. Bringing together characters from all walks of life and allowing them to collide in the urban, metal-scape of the M25 is an eye-opening experience’ – CultureFly

Jam is a terrific read: a fascinating, well written and beautifully structured look at a cross section of modern society and human beings in general’ – Nut Press

As darkness falls on the M25, the flow of traffic comes to a halt. Time passes. More time passes. Then more. Drivers switch off their engines, then get out of their cars. And so the story begins . . .

In this bold, state-of-the-nation novel, Jake Wallis Simons brings together characters from all walks of life and explores what happens when lives collide on the M25.

Jake Wallis Simons is a features writer for the Sunday Telegraph. This is his fourth novel.

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