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Inside The Wicker Man
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Publication Date
05 September 2013
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Inside The Wicker Man

How Not to Make a Cult Classic


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’A stunning examination of one of my favourite films by one of my favourite journalists’  A A GILL

’Britain’s best horror movie’  EMPIRE

’The Citizen Kane of Horror Movies’  Cinéfantastique

Inside The Wicker Man is a treat for all cinemagoers, exhaustively researched and achieving a near-perfect balance between history, trivia and serious analysis. Allan Brown describes the filming and distribution of the cult masterpiece as a ‘textbook example of ‘How Things Should Never Be Done’. The omens were bad from the start, and proceeded to get much, much worse, with fake blossom on trees to simulate spring, actors chomping on ice-cubes to prevent their breath showing on film, and verbal and physical confrontations involving both cast and crew. The studio hated it and hardly bothered to distribute it, but today it finds favour with critics and fans alike, as a serious – if flawed – piece of cinema.

Brown expertly guides readers through the film’s convoluted history, attempting along the way to explain its enduring fascination, and providing interviews with the key figures – many of whom still have an axe to grind, and some of whom still harbour plans for a sequel.

To get a flavour of the book, please watch this interview with the author at the Edinburgh International Book Festival:

Allan Brown is an award-winning writer and critic. As well as Inside The Wicker Man: How Not to Make a Cult Classic he is also the author of Nileism: The Strange Course of the Blue Nile. He lives in the west end of Glasgow with his family.