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In Your Loving is Your Knowing

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Publication Date
07 February 2019
Paperback (also available as an eBook)
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In Your Loving is Your Knowing

Elizabeth Templeton – Prophet of Our Times
by Peter Matheson & Alastair Hulbert - Find out more about the author


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'[Elizabeth Templeton] was known and appreciated for her freedom of speech and attentiveness to anyone and everything … Her interest in the Church’s relationship with the world is what comes out in these texts ... I feel the editors were fully justified in giving a secondary title to this book, “Elizabeth Templeton – Prophet of our Times”' – Conference of European Churches

'This is a wonderful book! I do not remember ever being so excited by theological writing. I found In your Loving is your Knowing un-put-down-able and recommend it with unqualified enthusiasm. [Templeton’s] style and material are a very appealing combination of the cerebral and the down-to-earth, full of humour and a seasoning of personal anecdotes and quotations from the poetry she loved so much' – Norman Shanks, Coracle

This is an anthology of 33 talks, articles, lectures and sermons by one of the most outstanding theologians of her generation.

Elizabeth Templeton’s accessible and passionate writing is bothrefreshing and thought-provoking, exploring ideas that concern us all - life, freedom, forgiveness, death, love, evil, culture and belonging, amongst many others.

All the pieces dive with apparent effortlessness to the heart of the issues, combining brilliant original scholarship with a warm sensitivity to the difficulties of many people in decoding theology, relating it to their own life and thought.

Peter Matheson is a theologian who has lectured in theology in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. From 1965 and 1982 he was Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Ecclesiastical History at New College, Faculty of Divinity, Edinburgh University.

Alastair Hulbert is a practical theologian and ecumenist, who worked for 20 years in Europe – Paris, Geneva, and latterly in the European churches office in Brussels. He was Warden of Scottish Churches House, Dunblane (2003–2008).