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Hunting Grounds
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07 August 2008
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Hunting Grounds

A Scottish Football Safari
by Gary Sutherland - Find out more about the author


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Some people bag Munros; Gary Sutherland hunts grounds. Come rain, shine, sleet and snow, he visits each of the 42 football grounds in Scotland during one season, documenting the singing, the swearing and the sheer nonsense of what occurs every Saturday afternoon (and sometimes Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays too).

Planning this book as both an alternative travelogue to Scotland and a social commentary on Scottish football, Sutherland systematically explores the character of each ground, and how it is reflected in the town, team and the fans. From the practical factors like public transport and facilities, to the more important things like snacks and pubs, all aspects of the grounds are covered. Bets are placed, buses are missed, tears are shed and pies are scoffed. Join him to re-live the glorious Scottish football season in its entirety.

Raised in Hopeman - on the Moray Firth - Gary Sutherland has worked as an ice cream maker, candyfloss maker, shortbread maker, teacher, bookseller, sports journalist and travel writer. He lives in Glasgow and is wondering if the rain might stop soon. Gary likes cycling and loves Prince.

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